How to Make Science Party Invitations
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Learn how to make clever invitations to a mad scientist party.


Female Speaker: Chance and his mother Vikki hope to throw a party that will amaze his first grade classmates. Math scientist Bob is their entertainment cornerstone. Now professional party planner Kim Hein will show us how to cleverly carry through the theme for every party detail. First step, invitations with a scientific spin. Kim Hein: For invitations it's about excitement, it's about anticipation, knowing what the science theme is. Our test tube, take the stopper out, and create your own invitation that you just roll right up and put in there. Another option is to do something really interactive and fun inside of it. You can put something that thing have to use, a decoding serum to get the message of the place and the time. Tracy Gallagher: So do you send the decoding serum along? Kim Hein: You would, you would send it along. This is grape juice concentrate, and just start rubbing it on this, and at the interaction between the grape juice concentrate and the baking soda brings it all straight back up. So you can see what it looks like. Tracy Gallagher: Cool. Vikki: The idea of making like a secret code and then making it come out with grape juice, I thought it was unique and very inventive. What would you be using these for? Kim Hein: So those are four big bags. I believe that a lot of creative stuff is in the detail. Take something that would look really normal, modify it slightly, or think of something different that would add to it to kind of make it scientific, to make it other worldly, to make it creepy or icky or sticky. You just have to think a little bit more like a kid. Why use a standard bag? Vikki: This is so creative and out of the box. Kim Hein: It's out of the globe. Vikki: It's out of the globe.