How to Make Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes
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Julie Hasson with guest chef Lupe show us a very easy vegan recipe for Raspberry chocolate cupcakes.


Julie Hasson: Hi! I am Julie Hasson and you're watching EDTV. Today we have a special guest chef in the kitchen with me who is making cupcakes and her name is Lupe Valencia, and she has her own cooking show on YouTube. We want you to say a little something about your show. Lupe Valencia: Yeah, my show is called Lupe's cooking show. You can find it under chefvalencia and in there I make a lot of simple recipes that anybody can make. It's really quick and easy. Julie Hasson: Cool. Well that's why we're together baking today, right? Lupe Valencia: Yes. Julie Hasson: Okay, I'm so excited because I don't get to have people in the kitchen with me very often. So thank you for coming. Alright, so today we're going to make a recipe from my cupcake cookbook. We're making chocolate raspberry cupcakes and I thought that would be a good choice because we have these beautiful fresh raspberries that are in season now. And you can use frozen raspberries but hey, if you can find fresh all the better, and so we get started. Lupe Valencia: Yeah. Julie Hasson: Okay. So let's go ahead. I'll always like to mix the dry ingredients together first, so why don't we, if you want to start mixing this and I whisk instead of sift. Lupe Valencia: Okay. Julie Hasson: Okay. Although, I did sift the cocoa powder. Okay, so we have our all-purpose unbleached flour, we're going to add to that some Dutch Process coco, don't worry, about the recipe, the entire recipe can be found on our website. We're going to add that in, so if you want to whisk that together and I did sift it first because often times the cocoa powder will be kind of lumpy so it's a good idea to sift it, add in a little baking soda and a little sea salt. Do you use sea salt or kosher salt? Lupe Valencia: Kosher. Julie Hasson: Yeah. I used to use kosher salt, for some reason now I use sea salts in the baking. Okay, beautiful. Alright, now let's just set this over here. Here is our sugar, okay, to the sugar we have some Canola oil, little vanilla I'm not going to measure it, but there we go. Lupe Valencia: Okay. Julie Hasson: Usually I measure my vanilla, but we will just have it, I have a different part of the milk and we're using soy milk for this recipe. So this recipe is from my book, but I am using weekend variations on it today, which is just instead of using regular milk I am using soy milk, beautiful job, okay. I put that in. I am going to start adding milk and you start whisking and then so you don't get covered it in. How's that? Lupe Valencia: Good. Julie Hasson: Okay, and one of the things about this particular recipe, it's based on an old depression era recipe where they didn't use eggs in the baking. So at the very end when it's just smooth, that looks like it needs a touch more milk, does it? Lupe Valencia: Yeah, it's stiff. Julie Hasson: I let's this out a little bit. I might have mis-measured there. I never mis-measure, perfect. Now what we're going to do is we're going to add in balsamic vinegar, so whatever saying is that the balsamic vinegar reacts with baking soda which makes it rise so you don't need eggs in this recipe, so we're going to add that in and I know balsamic vinegar sounds like a weird ingredient, but it works especially with a raspberries, beautiful. Alright, I want you to give me a whisk, shake it off a little bit there, perfect. I want to fold in the raspberries, look at these raspberries. I am going put in a touch more milk like I said I think mis-measured. Lupe Valencia: Okay. Julie Hasson: There you go. I'm going to just pour those in. This is so much fun, Thanks so much for making cupcakes with me today. Lupe Valencia: Your welcome. Julie Hasson: Now I like to use a scoop and I understand you'll like to use a scoop as well, it makes it little even and you can just pop it in. So you want to scoop. So we have twelve's. Since this makes twelve cupcakes and we have them all lying on these nifty little papers. Lupe Valencia: Okay. Julie Hasson: So last one. I almost licked my finger, but I know you're not supposed to, but you can when it's weekend batter because there is no eggs in there. Lupe Valencia: And you can't get sick. Julie Hasson: That's great, so it works okay. Okay, just for the heck of it just because I like chocolate chips I'm going to throw a few chocolate chips on top of these. Lupe Valencia: Yeah. That it sounds good. Julie Hasson: Don't worry, just on a couple, you can never have too much chocolate, right? Lupe Valencia: Yeah. Julie Hasson: Alright, so we go ahead and put these in the oven. We have a pre-heated oven 350 degrees, make sure that it's accurate because I just have some sort of oven issues, so if you have an oven thermometer, it works really well then you can assure that's accurate. So let's add these, put them in to the oven and we're going to bake them for about, oh I think like 20 to 25 minutes until they are tester and sugar in that comes out clean. How else do you tell? Lupe Valencia: Like if you press down on the top edge, it comes to you right back, so it's like of sponge kind of -- Julie Hasson: Perfect, there you go, we'll do it. Okay, they have been baking and they're ready, are you ready? Lupe Valencia: Yeah. Julie Hasson: Oh! They look beautiful, look at that. Lupe Valencia: I can see the chocolate chips. Julie Hasson: Yeah, the chocolate chips look nice. Well, let me taste them we can decide whether or not we like it better with the chocolate or without the chocolate. Okay, so while these cool down, we make the frosting. Lupe Valencia: Okay. Julie Hasson: Okay. Now for this I have softened some earth balance and some powdered sugar, if you want to add some powdered sugar in and some of the Dutch Process cocoa and we prepare frosting. This frosting is also adopted from my cookbook. You can start, yeah, okay, that looks good. Lupe Valencia: Turn it off. Julie Hasson: Yeah. Alright, so now why don't we go ahead and we wait for the cupcakes to cool, so we can frost them, we'll do it. Alright, we're ready to frost. You're ready to frost. Lupe Valencia: Yes, I am. Julie Hasson: Okay, they are cool, don't these look beautiful. This is going to be fun. Okay, here we go. Oh! Look at that. I use to like a lot of frosting on mine, but now I find that I like the smaller amount maybe just because I'm getting older. What about you, a lot or a little? Lupe Valencia: I don't like that much depending on what kind of batter you have. Like if you have vanilla, I like to keep it kind of medium, but if it's like chocolate and more chocolate then I like to keep it a small amount. Julie Hasson: Small amount. Okay, well then we'll do small amount, look at them they're pretty. Don't worry I'm not going to, I'm going to let her frost and I'm not going to takeover. Awesome! Lupe. Lupe Valencia: Thank you. Julie Hasson: Thank you so much for coming today and making the cupcakes. You want to tell everybody where your website or your cooking show is again on YouTube. Lupe Valencia: Okay, so you could find my shows under chefvalencia and it's called Lupe's cooking show. It's as simple as that, but again it's a really simple recipes and there are very good like different countries and like really good baking pastries and stuff. So you could find it under chefvalencia, no spaces. Julie Hasson: Awesome! Thank you so much and don't worry about the recipe. You can find the recipe on Everyday Dish TV website The recipes are also in my cookbook 125 Best Cupcake Recipes. So we go ahead and taste alright, let's say it's good, very good. Lupe Valencia: Okay. Julie Hasson: Cheers. The fresh raspberries are in there. Lupe Valencia: Crunchy. Julie Hasson: Thank you so much for joining me. Good Bye. Lupe Valencia: Bye.