How to Make Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies - Eating Low with Amy 42
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Learn How to Make Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies


Eating Low with Amy Low Hassle Low Carb Recipes Episode 42: Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies (Sugar Free) Hi this is Amy and welcome to eating low. Today we’re going to be making peanut butter and jelly cookies. And it is a recipe I found in one of the South Beach Diet Cookbooks and it sounds like a great little cooking that is not too hard on your diet. So we’re going to get back in because this takes a couple of steps. I've got one egg then we’re going put it here and then we’re going to use ¾ of a cup of Splenda, one, two and three and you can see that this is the granulated kind of, it’s not packets but you can get on a big bag like this. And it’s just like the figuring design. And then we’re going to put in a teaspoon of vanilla extract. I love vanilla extract. Okay, so grab your eggbeater and I’m a little nervous. Like it’s my first time using this, this should be interesting. Okay here we go. We’re just mixing the stuff together. I’m going kind of slow because I don’t want it to fly. If I can do this without making a huger mess. Now we’re going to put a cup of peanut butter. It’s a whole lot of peanut butter. I just bought new peanut butter so I should have enough. I’m making a Thai chicken in here in hot pot and that called for peanut butter too. So today has been a big day for the peanut butter. It was just funny because I don’t even know that’s a peanut butter lately but it’s like I’m eating it all in one day. One more scoop and it will be good. And I’m going to dump this into—in the same thing. Okay it’s very sticky. This peanut butter especially is sticking to like everything it touches. All right it’s pretty good. I can get a rest of it up here. I want to just touch it with my finger, it’s my cooking so nobody cares. Okay and again—this is really good. Right now I’ll add a teaspoon of baking soda. I have one of these in my refrigerator but I got a new one just for cooking. And then, I think we’re almost done. That’s it. All right and now we blend some more. So here we go. And I’m going to blend this and then I’ll come back and talk to you because you don’t want to watch me blend this. So I mix the dough with my beaters for about 30 seconds to a minute until it made kind of a dough and then I put them out on the pan, and I just made little balls and then put them out on the pan. And then I took my thumb and made like little holes for each of the cookies. And then we’re taking our Walden Farms Jelly and it’s a sugar free and calorie free. And we’re just going to put a little dot of jelly and I’m using grape jelly because when I think of peanut butter and jelly, for some reason I always think of grape. I don’t know why. I’m just going to get just a little bit into each of the little holes. And then we will pop it into the oven. Oh my goodness. To take it’s like coordination. This is like really hard getting on 446. Actually I don’t want that much jelly in each one. Some are getting a little more than others. Well I like that guy he could share. Anyway, you can put as much of oil as you like. These are not horrible for you but you shouldn’t go overboard on them. Just like anything else but this guy doesn’t have that little well. You need to it in moderation. So don’t go on nutty. Oh my God, this is like torture. There, they can share. And he’s happy to find the Walden Farms Jelly and I’m—because I can always find the Walden Farms stuff in my grocery store. And some of these low carb peanut butter cookies that might be plain because I like peanut butter cookies just like they are. They don’t necessarily mean sweet and jelly stuff inside them and I think it’s a really cool idea. So I’ll get a few more done. These are my thumbprint cookies. My mom makes something similar for Christmas and it’s kind of the same idea unless you make them with peanut butter. I don’t know what they’re made of. I’m not a big cookie person but sometimees—you know I’ve ran out of my crust in cutters and now, I can't have my evil protein cookies and I think I’m missing them. And I have to go buy the big jug of protein pattern again. So there we go we’re almost done. We’ll do like on more. All right so a bit crusty. We’re going to pop this in for about 10 to 12 minutes and then we will—so we’ll hopefully have the nice cookies on and get done and then we’ll check this in. So my cookies are done cooking and it took about 12 minutes unless you can see they look really good, very yummy and I cut, it may look like cookies. These are about 140 calories and seven grams of carbs per cookies. So be very careful. You know, this is like one with dinner. Don’t eat the whole tray you’re going to die and you’ll be regretting it but they’re definitely very cute and you know, a good little substitute for a regular cookie. It’s so good, wow! I like this better than the evil protein cookies and that’s staying a lot because I love those things. Actually, it taste like a real cookie and they’re not super sweet and jelly like. I’m not a sweet cookie person. The jelly and the peanut butter together, it’s really good. So thanks for eating low with Amy.