How to make Party Pizza
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Party Pizza Recipe - Jr. Chefs of America is here to inspire a new generation of smart eaters and build parents confidence about their childrens skills in the kitchen


Hi. I’m Rachel from Junior Chefs of America and today, we're gonna be making party pizzas, my personal favorite. So, before we get started, let’s go over the rules of the kitchen and that’s to wash. Okay. So, let’s get cooking. First, to start off with our pizza and update a brown bowl, we have 2 ½ cups of flour, then we’re going to add in 1 package only of round and rising yeast. Now, just sprinkle that in on top and 2 ½ teaspoons of salt. One, two ½ teaspoon and now, we're going to add two teaspoons of sugar, one and two. Now, we’re going to take our wooden spoon and mix all the ingredients together until it’s well blended and that looks good. And now, we're going to add one cup of warm water, stir it all together, okay. So now, we're going to add two tablespoons of olive oil, one, that’s two. Okay, great. So, we're gonna mix this all together until you have a nice rough dough. So once it looks something like this, use your fingers to wipe it of the spoon and now, we're gonna make our dough nice and solid. Another option would be, you can take it out of the bowl and we're gonna right on top of you one working space. The best dough is nice and evenly mixed together, so you really got to work it. So now that our dough is nice and fully mixed together, we're gonna take it out of the bowl, set it to the side and take a little bit of olive oil and just drizzle it along the bottom. That looks good. Make our dough into a nice ball and set it down at the bottom so that it is ready to rise and you're gonna cover it with a dish towel or you can use plastic wrap and set it right on top. We're gonna set this aside fro 45 minutes. So now that our dough is rising, we're gonna start by preparing all the toppings for our pizza. I’m actually gonna use tomatoes this time instead of tomato sauce. Now, if you prefer to use tomato sauce, you’re more than welcome to, but I just felt like trying something new today. Now, the firmer your tomato, the better it works and make sure you have your fingers bak and our knuckles forward. Here we go. I’m gonna put the ends of my tomatoes in my discard bowl that makes everything easier when I’m cleaning up. Okay, that looks just about enough tomatoes. This is a brick of mozzarella cheese. It’s the best kind of cheese for pizza and this is just about how much we’ll be using today, but it’s easiest to grate it when it’s cut in halves or quarters or thirds. I’m gonna cut it in about thirds. Okay, so you put that aside and when you're all done, your brick of mozzarella cheese is gonna looks something like this. Looks good. Okay, so, we're gonna take our cheese grater. Now, be very careful when you're doing this. You don’t wanna grate something that you don’t wanna eat. So grate this to something like this and this goes straight sown. Try to take this very slow because mozzarella cheese crumbles really easily. If you have a food processor with a grater, you can use that as well. Okay, that looks good. So now that we cleaned up our board space, we're actually gonna put together our pizzas. I’m gonna make two individual ones. So I’m gonna take my dough, it just rose nicely and evenly. I’m gonna put some flour out so nothing sticks on top of my wax paper for my clean working space. Push out the dough, so you have a nice, you can make your crust thin or thick whatever you choose, do that , take your rolling pin, sprinkle out some flour, roll it out nice and evenly. Okay, so now I’m gonna make it a perfect circle by giving it a nice thick crust on the outside. You can roll it out again to make sure it’s nice and flat. There you have it, put it right on top of our baking sheet and let’s go on the second one, there we go. So now that we have two dough crusts ready for our pizza, I’ll bring this over here. So, I’m gonna take my olive oil and just drizzle a little bit on top of my pizza crust for some flavor. Okay, I’m gonna put about three pieces of tomato, maybe four, on each pizza dough. And so now, I’m gonna put on my cheese that we grated nice and evenly or you can put some pepperoni on top and mushroom, whatever you like on top of your pizza. Sprinkle a little bit of parmesan cheese on top of it, my personal favorite, just a little bit of salt and pepper. Okay, now the pizzas are all ready, we're gonna go and put them in the oven. Be very careful when you opening a hot oven and make sure you have all the heat out before you put the food in. Slide it on in there, there you go. It should take about 17-20 minutes until the pizzas are fully cooked. Okay, now that our pizzas are all done and on the oven, I’m gonna scoop them up and cut them so we can eat them, my favorite part. Make sure you hold the cutting board nice and solid. If you also don’t have a pizza cutter, you can use a large knife too, it will work the same and now that looks great like we're ready to eat. Bon appetite