How to Make Parsnips and Carrots
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Ina roasts carrots and parsnips for a filling side dish (and leftovers).


It was carrots all the time but I thought for the holidays it will be nice to add parsnips. For the carrots I’m actually just scrubbing them. You don’t really need to peel them. They are tough carrots you know, with the greens attached. When it turned it bad and a little older you probably want to peel them. So, these are parsnips they look like carrots they are white but they have great flavor, but they are little woodier, so I actually always peel them. The good thing about roasting vegetables is you can cut them in advance, put them in the water, insert them in the refrigerator actually for days, so when you are having a party it’s a great way to cook vegetables. So, I’m using about one and a half pounds of carrots, one and half pound of parsnips. It’s a way more than enough for two but it’s fantastic having leftovers. Okay, carrots, parsnips, toss them all together, olive oil, lots of salt and pepper. We’ll make sure they’re really well seasoned. Just toss them together and this is going to the oven, 400 degrees until they are brown and crisp and delicious. Carrots and parsnips, they smell fantastic.