How to Make Kid-Friendly Chicken Fingers
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Jill Davie teaches you how to make chicken fingers that are healthy and kid friendly.


Chicken fingers are on every kid’s menu. Kids love them and I have a great way to cook them up really healthy. First I start off with marinating some chicken fingers and some low fat butter melt. Let them in for about an hour. This is going to keep them nice and juicy. I added a little salt and fresh ground pepper and then I'm going to dry them in some cereal. And here I have some crushed shredded wheat. I could very easily, this is cornflakes or even breadcrumbs. Now, I like shredded wheat because it gives it a really nice crunchy outing coating and also it's chockfull of fiber. Let me just put out my tenderloin, and then I'm going to put it really evenly in my shredded wheat. And it's a very simple technique, just take it off, put it on into a sheet pan. I'm going to spray this with some canola oil. This is going to help evenly brown the outer layer. Also, let it crisp nicely. My oven has been preheated 375 degrees. I'm going to pop this in for about 10 minutes. Now while those are cooking, I have a couple really simple sauces that kids love. One is a ranch dressing. Now, I picked up some ranch seasoning mix at the grocery store and I have some low fat yogurt. I'm just going to mix a little in, like so. It tends to be a little salty, so just a little goes a long way. I'm going to serve this alongside with my chicken fingers. Another sauce the kids love is hone mustard. Simple recipe, it's 2 to 1, so 2 parts mustards, I'm using Déjà mustard and 1 part honey. So two easy and simple ingredients, makes a great dipping sauce. Just mix that up, alright, serve that along the side. We have a couple choices, let's get these out of the oven. Oh! They're really looking nice and golden brown. These are going to be really tender in the inside from the butter melt, nice and crispy outside from the shredded wheat. Alright, I think I want to try one of these. They're really crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside. This is heart healthy finger food for the whole family to enjoy.