How to make Ice Play Fun for Young Kids
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Find out fun and unique ways for your child to play with ice. The Go-To Mom gives examples on how to make ice play fun and exciting for young kids.


Ice Play. Kimberley Clayton Blaine: Children love to play with ice. It's a wonderful sensory activity. My kids often indulge in mysterying the hot summer months. It's cool, slippery and fun. Create a sensory tub filled with water. You can experiment with different sizes of ice cubes. You can even hide frozen treasures inside. The night before, freeze several small trinkets in a paper cup or a Tupperware container and fill it with water. To loosen the ice up, just put a dab of water on the top of it. The children will have a blast trying to get the treasures out. Oh! but be careful. Sometimes they won't be able to resist slamming the ice down to see what happens. Just look at our little scientist now, they are hard at work trying to figure out life's greatest mysteries.