How to Make Homemade Potato Chips
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The Neelys fry up a batch of Yukon gold potato chips.


Momma: We’re going to use the Yukon Gold potato because it has a nice felt color to it, and you can do so many things with this potato; you can mash it, you can boil it, but we’re going to fry it today for potato chips, nice homemade potato chips. Howdy way, daddy! Daddy: So we’ve got this beautiful machine here and this beautiful machine is called a mandolin Momma: And that’s really good because you can measure out the size of your potato chips, it has a nice garb of course if the girls want to do it, they can do it Daddy: you know this is one of those dishes that you can cook with your hands at home; it’s something that they’ll enjoy to eat, and they’ll enjoy running the chips across this mandolin. Momma: Every girl needs her dad because this one gives them the blue print of what a mandolin should really be like, and Pat’s a really great example. Even I have to give admit, he’s a great example. Daddy: You’ll notice we’re using an 8 double chip and growing up, you know, my grandmother used to make this big old thick and then it’s cooked for two hours because they were so thick, so you want to use a thin chip, to an eighth of an inch grill good Momma: And as fast down there, I’m going to go ahead and pour some cold water on this because what it does is remove the starch from it, and then we’re going to drain it all up before they go on a drip where they’ll have a big splash. For in a house then, give them a new house but it has to go -. Keep working daddy. Daddy: Got them momma. Momma: So we’re going to use about a pound and a half, that should be enough for about 4 people, I just want to make sure they’re good and dry because we cannot have a splash. Daddy: that cold water can grease us Momma: I’ll go head and keep patting on this and you can grab a handful of - Daddy: You want to be real careful when your frying so you don’t want to get a lot, you just want to get a little handful of them and you want to be cautious initially and one of the things that I like to do when I’m frying is I like to use both my hands , I like to take a few, a get a little close to it because if you stand away up here and drop the, you got a lot of stuff, so you just a little close without touching with the oil. Great thing about this is we’re frying it with peanut oil and peanut oil has a wonderful flavor. You don’t want to over-fill your fryer because you want to be able to move them around and we’re frying this at 375 degrees for about 3 to 4 minutes. They all start to float and they also start to turn a brownish color called golden color. You want to make sure that they’re not sticking together, you make the mistake and walk away, you’re not keeping an eye and kind of turning and tossing them, two or three of them can get stuck together and they won’t really cook evenly. Now, great chips You want to use our Neally’s house seasoning which is one and a half cups of paprika, three quarters cup of sugar and three and three quarters tablespoon onion powder. You want to top it off with just a little salt, potato chips wouldn’t be potato chips without salt and a little black pepper; could never buy bad chips again. Momma: I bet you’re eating some of those chips Daddy: I’m not eating, I’m waiting on everybody; and I’m lying, I am lying