How to Make Handmade Easter Cards
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This year, send your family and friends beautiful handmade Easter Cards.'s Lifestyle Party Expert Jeanne Benedict of demonstrates how to make these fun and easy cards at home. This is a perfect activity to include the kids in too.


Make three fabulous sister cards from Jean Benedicts ideas on First an elegant embossed card using a design I made in my computer software program. Print out the design and immediately sprinkle embossing powder on the web ink. The paper needs to have a coding on it such as photo papers, so the ink doesn’t dry too quickly or the powder won’t stick. I shake of the excess powder onto a piece of paper so I can put the unused powder back onto the jar. Then taken artist brush and gently brush the excess powder of being careful not to remove it from your design, you can also top the back of the paper to loosen and shake of the excess powder. I’ll pick up an embossing key tool for about 15 box at the craft store. Now check this out. Turn the tool on and hit about two inches from the service of the paper until you get a beautiful emboss design and of course read the embossing tool manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly before you even begin. This powder is a sterling silver color and cost about $2.50 for one ounce dark and I think it’s just gorgeous. I trim to the top and bottom of the emboss paper with decorative edge seeders. I am attaching the paper to the front of a gloss finished silver card using double stick tape. This computer design embossing technique is an easy and elegant way to make Easter cards, edit will be a great way to go when making your own wedding invitations as well. For the kids an Easter magnet card, I’m using double stick tape to attach middle washers to the front of my based card. Place strips of double stick tape around the border of the card as well and cover the washers with bright color full paper. I made some grassy fringe out of paper for the card that also stays on the double stick tape. I cut the hanging thread of many Easter ornaments and cuts small squares of self-adhesive magnet tape. Peel off the paper bag on the tape and apply it to the back of the ornament and you’ve got a fun mini magnet. Then just place the amount of cards where your washers are and make sure just stay on. What kid wouldn’t love this Easter magnet garden card. For the last card I made a trapezoid form cardstock and put double stick tape on all of the long side of it. To make a wooden ribbon basket attach ribbon side by side on the cardstock until it’s covered. Then weave ribbon strips in and out of the ribbons on the cardstock to create your design. I chose pastel colors to certain ribbons perfect for Easter and I really like to look at ribbons that are varying wits. When you’re done reading flip the card over and trim the radius. Put double stick tape along each edge of the cardstock and neatly fall the ribbons attaching them to partake of the back of the cardstock. And there you go I’m using hot glue to securely attach the basket to go in front of this card. Start about a half inch down from the baskets stoppage and run glue along the sides and bottom of the basket, finishing only other side about half inch down from the top edge. Turn the basket over and apply it to the card. Gently lift the top corners of the basket to add some hot glue and keep a written basket handle in place. Decorate your basket, however you like slip it out inside the basket and give your card a title such as Happy Easter. This beautiful Easter card with a moving ribbon basket would be perfect for Mom or give her this elegant card and give the fun card to the kids Happy Easter form