How to Make Hair Raising Cress Heads with Your Kids
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Kids Activities - Blue Peter’s Zoe Salmon shows you how to make cress heads.


Female Speaker: Now did you know that Cress is the name of herbs in the Mustard family; there you go. Now I bet you tried it before probably sprinkled it on soups, in salads or in the somtum which is I love it because it adds great flavor to food but also because you can grow your very own in about a week. Growing cress is really quick and easy to do and you can do all sorts of funny things with it too. Now here is a cress head hair salon which I will show you how to make. Now all you need is some egg shells. You can use some of the next time you are baking, some cotton wool some cress seeds an empty egg box, some paint, some glue and some silver foil. Now we will also be using scissors so make sure that you can an adult to help you right back. Now first of all we need to make sure these egg shell halves are nice and clean and dry inside. Now you could paint a face like so on your eggs or you could try painting a face on all of them maybe one for each member of your family. Now once the paint is dry take some cotton wool and wet it with water; got some water here in a little yogurt pot. Now we squeeze out any excess moisture and then pop it inside the heads. Be careful you don’t break the shell when you are fitting it, nice and carefully place it. Now sprinkle the cress seeds inside the egg shell halves and make sure you are nice and generous but don’t layer it up too thick. Now you brought up your cress heads just like I have done in an empty egg cotton so that they can grow. They need natural energy from the sun to grow so they love a nice warm sunny place. Why don’t you try out a windowsill? Then you just have to be patient for a week, keep checking on your cress and if the cotton wool feels dry spray out with water so it has enough moisture to grow. Once your cress heads are ready like mine over here, you can create a hair dressing salon for them. Now all I have done here is to get a clean empty egg box and I have painted the eyesight and decorated it. Now over here I called mine, the little wing fingers hair salon, I decorated at inner side, you can go to trying and do with as many bright colors and mini mirrors from a sliver foil, like the one I just showed you over here with some stars in front of mine. Now I wonder who will be my first customer this one looks like he could do with a little bit of hair cut and you can see. Now I want you to cut enough cress you can trying eating it as a tasty snack and I got out it in here to my sandwich there we go, I have gone for a nice egg and cress sandwich. It is amazing to think that I am about to eat the sun’s energy, the sun who helped to wake up the seeds and helped it to grow into cress and now I am eating it in a sandwich. Another great thing about cress is it will keep growing and growing so once you cut some, just sprinkle some more seeds remembering to keep them moist and in reach of the sun’s energy and in just a few days your cress heads will have a new head of hair.