How to Make Gluten-Free Quinoa
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To say I'm enamored with quinoa is probably an understatement. This delicious, gluten-free grain is a staple of our clean eating lifestyle. Barely a week goes by when I don't make up a batch and turn it into a healthy side dish or main dish. Quinoa is super easy to make, quick cooking and takes on the flavor of almost anything you add. Plus it's low-fat and low-cal to boot! Not bad for an ancient grain from South America.


Hi everyone, it’s Wendy Battles-Plasse of Healthy Endeavors, the clean eating coach and I’m coming to you with this week’s video tip about one of my favorite. In fact, my all time favorite grain and today we are talking about quinoa. So, I know many of you are familiar with quinoa but some of you, for some of you maybe knew quinoa is a grain from the South America. That’s spelled q-u-i-n-o-a but it’s pronounced keen-wah and it’s simply delicious. Here are couples of benefits about quinoa. One, it is a complex carbohydrates so that means when we eat something like this, it gives us lasting energy. It releases into our bloodstream very slowly, so it keeps our energy levels up for quite sometime. It’s also high in proteins so it’s a great way to add some in without having to eat a lot of animal protein and vegetable in my book, it’s gluten-free so because it’s—it’s a great alternative for me. The other thing that is a fantastic benefit is that it cooks in only 15 minutes. So, how is that being able to put together a very healthy quick meal all about clean eating no preservatives here. So, today we are making one of my favorite side dishes. It is so easy. You can make a whole thing in under half an hour and it can serve four to six people, so you have it for a few days or at least a meal and maybe some left over depending how many people you are feeding. So, already I cooked the quinoa in a pot—of course. And you know quinoa looks just like this. It’s a sort of all great color. It ends up with—it’s sort of smaller beads. By the way it comes in red so a red quinoa and then the regular quinoa which is just a sort of this off-white color. So, I cooked at the quinoa and I’m just adding a few ingredients to this. So one, I’m going to add a little bit of lemon juice to our quinoa. So, I’m making this quinoa to gooey. I really love Middle Eastern cooking and typically Tabouli is made with wheat but one, I don’t like the flavor and two, I don’t like eating because a lot of wheat in it so this is such a great alternative, once again such a great flavor. So, I added that we’ll also add a little lemon zest. I’m a big fan of taking a lemon and really using the peel because that adds so much flavor so I’m simply adding and this is the zest of one lemon so we’re mixing that together. I’m also adding in here some fresh parsley and add a little bit of this in quinoa flavor about half cup of some fresh parsley. And that parsley has that such a nice taste plus it’s really good for us. And do you also know that parsley is a really natural way to freshen your breath. Actually it acts to kill that bacteria and freshen your breath after a meal and it’s a really natural way. And then finally, we’re adding in a beautiful tomato a nice earlobe of tomato that I’ve got at the Farmers market, so just like that. We’re making up this lovely dish that I’m going to have tonight with our dinner—and then I’m simply adding in just about a tablespoon of some of course extra virgin olive, it can add a flavor. So, that’s simply we have this lovely dish, lovely fried dish you know, and I’m just—cooking once to eat at least twice, so imagine that we’ll have this for dinner tonight and then we will use it again the next day maybe with lunch or again with dinner. So, for a small amount of money we’re only stretching our dollars and we’re getting great value plus of course we’re eating super clean. So, I would love to know about your favorite quinoa recipe. What is it that you love to do with quinoa that gives it a great flavor and it’s really easy. Please, don’t forget to write your comments below on the blog as well as check out the specific recipe that I’m talking about in this video, so you can make it for yourself and your family as well. Until next time, it’s Wendy Battles-Plasse of Healthy Endeavors, the clean eating coach wishing you optimal health and abundant energy. And remember, don’t worry get healthy.