How to Make Fake Blood for Halloween
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Happy Hallowe'en! Mike shows us how far a little corn syrup, warm water and food coloring can go, especially if you're looking to save a few bucks in your SFX budget. Fake Blood!


Hi! This is Mike from the very spooky and this is a special super spooky extra bloody edition of the Film Lab called the special super bloody spooky fake blood edition of the Film Lab. Stay and we’re going to be talking about fake blood on the screen, a blood on screen in general. Fake blood is one of those imperfect controversial arts because we can’t quite get it right, there is something about the nature of human meat juice that just impossible to reproduce accurately on screen. Especially since movies are now shoot in a color which means we cannot use Hershey syrup to be the blood and movies like Psycho like hitch coactive. We even guide guys that are using digital CGI to create digital CGI blood praising movies like Makadi by Robert Rodriguez which unfortunately we looked terrible and even worse than this stuffs which is the best that we’ve been able to do and this is stage blood, fake blood that you can buy for a makeup company Benign which is one on the several makeup companies that make this stuffs. And you can get special extra runny blood if you need it to run bound somebody’s arm you can get normal blood and extra fit blood throughout the chunks to go in the cage all kinds are really gross stuffs. The only problem of these stuffs even though it looks pretty good is its expensive; this bottle which is an ounce cost of six dollars which you know it’s a pain. And it looks good but six packs is six packs and then it adds up especially if you need like a bucket of this stuffs so let’s go to the fiction and see if we can figure out a cheaper homemade substitute. Hey so I’m here in the official test kitchen of the Film Lab now it’s basically impossible to make something at home on your kitchen on the cheap that looks as good as the expensive professional makeup artist fake blood and it may make sense there a big companies its been around for years but that’s actually whole bunch of chemical and stuffs that you will get arrested and for the Ontario’s watch list if you tried to buy. But it is possible to make something that’s almost as good for way cheaper and we’re talking with the basic classic traditional kitchen sink recipe for our homemade edible fake blood which is basically three ingredients: cornstarch, food coloring and warm water. So here is the basic recipe it’s about a three to one range and so we take our cup of your basic corn syrup stuffs, lovely and just line up together with a third of a cup of warm water. And just line up together and makes it all up for water will make the consistency of the syrup less the key of sort of mine actually flow. And if that’s mix together you take your red food coloring and start slurping on it. And I’m going to take quit a bit to get it deep and in red. So if you want that really bit blue bay red, you know the secret a secret tip is it’s going to be basically impossible to get the fake blood to darken a real blood red with just red food coloring so that it get’s more intensive and without getting the darker so you have to add the takes some blue or green coloring and add some of that as well. The bloods went really red, it’s kind of blowy red brown and dark blue and green and red brown color blood color red which is the effect of biology that I didn’t know and I don’t know if you know that. So now we’re looking at something that’s closer to the color of blood and get however is completely almost clear so we’re going to do a secret trick. The secret ingredient to make it more of fake is cocoa powder and I am just guessing the amount of that was good. You put it in there and you mix it up. and then you went up for something that’s about the color of blood, about the consistency of blood that cost about 30 cents to make and its edible and its okay like real blood too. Putting in the chocolate syrup helps with the consistency and the thickness and the opacity unfortunately doesn’t help with the taste which is literary shows sweet that if you to add any amount time after time it will actually kill you. So they will nothing bets the look with the professional stuffs but if you need buckets and buckets of fake blood on the tip the corn starch not that bad especially with some thickening with the amount of cocoa powder and green blue food coloring that you put in. Thank you for watching the Film Lab and have a very spooky Halloween.