How to Make Dirt Cups
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Anna Zeccolo of Tiny Chefs shows some different recipes to make fun desserts for kids, andhow to make dirt cups


Hi, I am Anna Zeccolo with Tiny Chefs. Today, we are making Fun Desserts for Kids. We are going to make Dirt Cups next. The ingredients for Dirt Cups is one, four serving package of vanilla, or chocolate pudding, two cups of milk, and two cups of whip topping. In order to make Dirt Cups, you need to whip up the pudding, and the milk, with a whisk for about two minutes. This is perfect for kids, because they get to stir a lot, and each child gets to stir. As you are stirring your pudding mixture, you want to keep stirring for about two minutes and then you'll know you are getting close, as the pudding starts to thicken a little bit. When you reach that point, you now want to add in your whipped topping. Just flop it in and go ahead and fold that in. When that's all combined, then we are ready to crush our Oreos, and layer our Dirt Cups.