How to Make Chicken Tenders
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Chef Keith Snow of Harvest creates a delicious twist on a kid favorite: Chicken Tenders crusted with toasted almonds and a honey-yogurt dipping sauce.


[Music playing] Hi, I am Chef Keith Snow. Welcome to my kitchen. Today, I want to show all of you parents how to make a great harvest eating chicken tenders. Now we all know kids love chicken tenders. A lot of people buying are buying the ones that are frozen in the big bag. And to be honest with you they are loaded with lot of preservatives and chemicals and you really don’t know what is in there. I want to show you today how to make them yourselves and to kick up the nutritional value by adding some almonds. And these almonds are toasted and how I did that is I put them in a dry skillet right over the stove and just keep them moving around. They’re going to get a few little brown spots on them that are perfect, it develops the flavor. The next step is to take our little mini processor here and we will dump this almond in and that is one cup. I may use them all, I may not. So we will put that on there. Load this little device and we’ll hook that up and then we make this into a kind of a ground up mixture. Ready! [Demonstration] And that is done and the smell is very nice. And you could see that the almonds still have texture to them that is great because that is going to add a little crunch and your kids going to love that. So what will do is dump this mix into this little plate and then we are going to season with a little salt and pepper. And we will mix it up a little bit with our hands. And now what I have hear is one organic egg white and I’m going to take that egg white and put it into this dish. And that is going help this almond crumbs bind to the chicken because it is very sticky. And this chicken that I have here is a naturally raced chicken and they’re just chicken tenders, very simple. We need to clean up a bit for here. We just want to get them coated in the egg whites then place them into the almond mixture. I will show you another one. And now you want to press them down, turn them over, they won’t be a 100% coated, but that is fine. And this have plenty texture to them, so to be almost like fried chicken when they’re done. So now I will put them into a clean landing plate and we will do the rest. And later on when we were done I am going to show you how to make a yogurt honey mustard dipping sauce that the kids will love to dip their chicken tenders in, very simple to make. Okay we have all of our tenders now coated in these delicious toasted almonds. So we’ll get them on our plate and now we go over and give them a quick little fry in a pan and I will show you what they look like. So it’s pretty simple. From this point, we have a little simple stainless steel skillet. We’ll take some pure olive oil and we will add this too there, this pan over medium high heat so it is going to be quite hot. And then we will take our chicken tenders that are coated in our beautiful almonds. Put them in there. One thing that we do not want to do is overcrowd the pan, so if we can’t fit them all we’ll do it in batches, so probably just leave those out. And these will get nice and golden brown. They would not take very long to cook at all because they’re pretty small chicken tenders. So I will continue cooking this and then I will show how to make our dipping sauce. Our chicken tenders are done. One way to make sure that they are cook thoroughly without using a thermometer. It’s just to take your finger and to push down on, they should feel quite firm. If they feel real loose like this part of your thumb, then they are raw, so you have to be careful. The other suggestion is to let your chicken come up to room temperature before you cook it. At that way, it will be cook very easily and quickly. Now I am going to make a little dipping sauce for this, and again it is yogurt honey mustard. So the first step is to take some of this Greek yogurt that I like to use. We will put two hipping tablespoon in there and then we will put some good quality French Dijon mustard. I can open it. About one tablespoon of good quality Dijon mustard will give it a nice little tang. And then here I have some really nice local honey. And just about in ever