How to Make Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla with Fresh Pear Slices
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In this great food recipe learn how to make Cheese Quesadilla with Fresh Pear Slices, that taste great.


Thanks for stopping by I’m Chef Billy Parisi and you are watching We got an awesome new meal solution recipe brought to you by Lowe’s foods; Parent’s this one is for your kids. Pay close attention I’m going fix you up. We are going to make a chicken and cheese quesadilla. The first thing we need to do is cook our chicken, we’re going to leave it whole so it contains all those juices. We’re going to season it with a little salt and pepper and in a hot skillet with a little bit of nonstick spray. We are going to sear it on both sides so it is completely finished. Alright our chicken is done, what we’re going to do now is dice it up and put it to the side we’re going to get cranking on those quesadilla. Okay to start we are going to take our flour tortilla and spread a little bit of margarine on there to ensure that it gets nice and golden brown in a hot skillet butter side down we are going to place in our flour tortilla, put on some chopped chicken, add a little bit of cheese, we’re going to put on the other top making sure that your top piece has butter side up. Wait a few minutes, we’re going to flip it over get both sides nice and golden brown. We are just about done and parents we want our kids to eat healthy right that’s why we’re going to serve them some fresh pears so be sure to take the core out we’re going to slice them up. I know this is for kids but I have got to try some of this. Don’t forget to serve this with a side of salsa and I’ll tell you want if I was the kid of a parent who made this I would be absolutely ecstatic, once again thank you so much for watching fix my recipe brought to you by Lowe’s foods. To see all of Lowe’s foods meal solutions all you have to do is go to Lowe’s and click on the fix my recipe link right next to the recipe and you can watch me fix this up. Thanks for stopping by we’ll see you next time. It’s time to eat.