How to Make Bobby's Grilled French Fries
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Bobby Flay shares how to grill French fries, complete with dipping sauces.


Hey everybody, I’m Bobby Flay. Now I love French fries and I’m sure everybody put there does. Let me show you how to make a delicious grilled fry. I’m going to use Yukon Gold potatoes and then we’ll make a bunch of condiments, it’s going to be fantastic. Hi, we’re making grilled fries, I’ve got some Yukon Gold potatoes and I parboiled the potatoes, make your life easy; parboil the potatoes until they’re just about cooked all the way through, and I’m going to make the potato wedges. Now you don’t have to use the Yukon Gold potato but I like the creaminess of the Yukon Gold, so I’m going to take a little bit of light oil like canola oil will work really well. And a little bit of salt and pepper and then we’re going to get this on the sort of medium high part of the grill; probably around 3 or 4 minutes on each side so about 8 minutes will have perfectly grilled potatoes. Now, what we’re going to do with the potatoes, we’re going to make a couple of different condiments to really get the flavor going. So the first thing we’re going to do is make a spice rub, we’re going to take some dried oregano, some cumin, kind of an earthy flavor, a little bit goes a long way so be careful with that, granulated onion, that (0:01:13.2) can pull a little granule in the garlic in there as well and some of the ancho chili powder which is going to be the base of the spice rub, and some black peeper, and a little bit of salt; and obviously you can do this, you know, days, weeks, months ahead of time. Now I’m going to make two sauces; first, the mayonnaise, we’re going to take a good quality mayonnaise, smoked paprika, half of your charred tomato, little sherry vinegar and this has got like of Spanish flavor in it; some salt and pepper and some fresh garlic, the good stuff. And if you’ve got to turn your food processor, so it gets nice and smooth; we pour them in it right into here, look at that. Lets’ get the potatoes off the grill, and as soon as the potatoes come off the grill, you want to heap them with your spiced rub. And now, one more sauce; we’re going to make a cheese sauce, the Queso sauce which has just three simple ingredients; some flour, a little bit of butter, equal parts, and then we put some (0:02:15.90) into there, and that’s going to be the base of our sauce. Then we take some grated white cheddar cheese, which is actually going to help thicken it and obviously give it a lot of flavor, and then some jalapeno. Of course a little bit of salt and pepper, and we just stir this up until the cheese melts. Alright, this is the way I want to enjoy some fries. We got some grilled fries, with a beautiful Mexican spiced rub, I have a Queso sauce, a cheese sauce with some roasted jalapenos, and I have my Spanish mayonnaise, tomatoes, smoked paprika are the main ingredients there; here’s the way to enjoy fries, and it’s a beautiful day.