How to Make Blue Motorcycle. Art of the Drink 16#
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As riders at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally show off their bikes, Anthony and Rachel show you how to trick out a Long Island Iced Tea into a Blue Motorcycle.


[Music Playing] Anthony: Welcome to the art of the drink video Podcast. My name is Anthony Caporale. [Bang sound] And we have back by popular demand. Rachel: I do not know about that. Anthony: Subscribers know her, love her and miss her, Rachel. Rachel: I am back again and happy to be here. Anthony: How are you honey? Rachel: I am good, let us make a drink. Anthony: Let us make a drink. Rachel: [Laughing] Anthony: So we got, first week in August could only mean one thing, Sturgis. Rachel: Motorcycle rally! Anthony: Exactly! [Laughing] so what drink are we going to do? Rachel: Obviously, it has got to be a blue motorcycle. Anthony: It has to be a blue motorcycle, right. And a blue motorcycle that everyone might not know a blue motorcycle. It is not in every bartending book out there. It is kind of an original drink and it is derivative of? Rachel: The long island ice tea. Anthony: The long island ice tea which is a drink that is near and dear to my heart because I am from Long Island, okay? Rachel: I love you anyway. Anthony: [Laughing] [Music Playing] Rachel: All the way to the top. Anthony: All the way with ice right? Half ounce of vodka, half ounce of gin, half ounce of rum; that is all of our white liquors. Rachel: Aha. Anthony: Half ounce of tequila. Rachel: We are using tequila? Anthony: Let us talk about that, why did you mention that? Rachel: Well, because some recipes that I have read call for tequila and some do not. Anthony: Yes. Not good. The original Long Island Tea recipe had tequila in it. Rachel: Why would you ever make a drink without tequila in it? Anthony: Trust me on this, [laughing]. A lot of concept restaurants, a lot of the chain restaurants to take in tequila out because it is the most expensive of all the liquors. So, it cuts your cost pretty significantly. But, I think we should settle the matter right now. Tequila, in or out? Rachel: Tequila in. Anthony: In, absolutely. All right, blue curacao, Flavor rich, Rachel: Orange liquor. Anthony: Orange. Rachel: Surprisingly enough. Anthony: Yes, exactly. And, we are going to finish off our non carbonated ingredients with sour mix. All right at this point, I am going to pour into the tin, and I will shake the drink. What should go in next? Rachel: Carbonated i.e. lemon lime soda. Anthony: Right, exactly. Soda, so I am going to shake the drink now before I put the soda in. Tell me why while I am shaking. Rachel: Because otherwise, you will be blue. Anthony: I will be blue? You do not want to shake any carbonated ingredients because the carbonation is going to cut out very forcedly. It is going to pop the tin apart and it is going to end up all over you, all right? So, shake it before you put the soda in. Rachel: This looks like – Anthony: Now, you notice that before I shook it, it was down here. And now, it is up here. Drink is aerated and it is frothy. It tastes better, and I am going to top it off with my lemon lime soda, okay? Straw and a garnish on this, I like cherries because the drink is blue and cherries are red. Rachel: Is -- they is. They are red. It is beautiful. Anthony: All right. Rachel: My turn? Anthony: Yes, your turn. Rachel: Let us do it. [Music Playing] Rachel: All right. So, let us do it. Anthony: Good. Rachel: We are going to start with our white liquors. Anthony: Right. Rachel: Vodka first, half ounce about a two count from your instructional video. Anthony: Again, if you want to learn how to free pour, we have a DVD out. Art of the Drink, you can pick it up on our website Learn how to free pour and all this good stuff. Go ahead. Rachel: All right, so half an ounce of gin. Anthony: Half ounce of gin. Rachel: A half ounce of rum. Anthony: Right, that was all of our white liquors. Rachel: And the most important ingredient of all, Anthony: [Laughing] Rachel: half an ounce of tequila. Anthony: [Foreign language] I believe. Now, up to this point we are the same as the long island tea. All right, because I said this is a type of long island tea drink, if you want to l