How to Make Baked Penne with Vegetables
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If you can chop vegetables, you can make this delicious entree.


Everyday Italian Giada De Laurentiis: Bake Pastas are super easy and my Penne with Roasted Vegetables is no exception. Red peppers, yellow squash and green zucchini are the heart of this dish. I mixed them with pasta Marinara sauce and three cheeses then I just put them in the oven. Penne with Roasted Vegetables comes out perfectly cooked and bursting with different flavors. And I’m going to start by cutting up my Cremini mushrooms and some summer squash. And I love the summer squash because of the color. You know, the thing that makes this dishes so much fun is the bountifulness of all of the vegetables and the colors. My mom being a vegetarian, I had to work very hard in recreating a lot of our favorite dishes that we’re just as flavorful if it had no meat in it. So I’m just going to quarter the squash and then was just going to cut it in about one inch cubes. Then some zucchini, great color, they cooked quickly and I can find them all year around. The secret you roasting these vegetables is cutting them approximately all the same size that way they cook evenly in the oven. Now, some sweet crunchy red bell pepper, so another bell pepper just like that and I know they’re fresh. And of course, got to add an onion, we’re just going to slice the onion just like that and we’re going to bring the bacon sheet over just basically just toss all of the vegetables onto the bacon sheet. They’re yummy vegetables so they just need a little bit of seasoning, some olive oil right on top and some nice salt, some freshly ground black pepper and for some herbs we’re going to add herbes de Provence, it’s a mixture of dried herbs that both Italian and the French share. So, some rosemary, some oreganos, some sage, a little bit of lavender, a little fennel seed and just a little bit of this would enhance the flavor of the vegetables. And then, of course with my hand I’m going to just toss all the vegetables and because of baking them in such a high heat at 450-degrees I’m using dried herbs because the fresh herbs burn instantly. Alright, I’m going to toss this in the oven 450-degrees for 15 minutes. We’re going to finish cooking the vegetables and we bake it again later with the Penne. And now, let’s grab the bowl because I want to take my pasta out, remember just six minutes so you want it undercooked. And here we go, time for the tomato sauce. Now, were just going to add three cups of tomato sauce, some added color I love using frozen peas. I always have them on my freezer and they just add that a little splash green that I love. Now, let’s add the fontina and smoke mozzarella right on top. The aroma is so great, right let me check on my roasted vegetables. We’ve been baking it 450 for 15 minutes. I got to make it quick and—ooh they smell is good and they look so pretty on top of the pasta. Perfect, alright now I’m ready to toss everything together. Cheese is grated, we added some peas and roasted the vegetables it sort of nice and crunchy. Okay now, I’m going to grab my baking dish and I’ve already greased the baking dish with a little bit of butter just so the pasta doesn’t stick to the bottom neither does the cheese. And go ahead and just pour it directly into the baking dish there we go. Look how pretty that looks, all those colors just level it all off because I’m going to sprinkle some cheese on here. But this time its parmesan cheese and we need a little bit of butter, dot it right on top. Alright, so this is going to get baked in the oven 450 for 25 minutes until the cheeses melt, the pasta gets finish cooking, the vegetables cook and everything blends together. We get nice crusts on top. The smell of melted cheese—oh, my gosh! There is nothing better. Let’s cool down a little bit so it won’t be too hot when I put it in my mouth. Until it easy just to scope out too, still moist and it is so creamy.