How to Make Baby Shower Thank You Notes
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Learn how to Make Baby Shower Thank You Notes in this video.


Hi! I am Christina Crawford and I am a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, I have been stamping for a long time and by that I mean a dozen years and through that time I have had lots of friends that have had babies, so it helped them with their baby announcements and Thank You notes. After you have a baby shower, it's nice to send out a Thank You note. After the baby is born, you are going to get presents too. So it's nice to have some Thank You notes on hand. So let me just -- I will show you some ideas but I am going to show you a really cute baby card to make and this one, this is from the stamp that's called Big on Spring. It has Bride to be and Love but this one says Let The Cutie Begin. And I think it's so adorable. So first what I am going to do is take some really fun designer paper. And sometimes designer paper is on both sides. So just choose the side that you want and then stamp right on top of it. And what I have done is I've stamped Let The Cutie Begin on the amethyst designer paper here and then I have -- in advance, I cut the little one Z out because what you can do next is stamp, Let The Cutie Begin on paper and I am brave here because I have already cut the piece of paper out but usually I cut the paper, the size of the wooden block because then you know that it's going to be big enough and it is -- and here it is, Let The Cutie Begin. First, what I am going to do is take a magic marker and this is the almost amethyst marker and I am using the brush tip and you are probably going to have a good time watching me, just coloring but it doesn't take long at all when I use the brush tip and I am going to cut, color it all and the one Z, I am not going to color in and we are going to hop right over and go to the E and use the brush tip marker -- it's almost like a paint brush, you are going to go outside of the lines a little bit, don't worry about that. It kind of makes like handmade creative in a little bit of water color. Next, I am going to take that little tiny one Z and I am going to put a little bit tape right behind it and I am going to put it right there on the image. So it's going to look like you've colored it with magic marker but when you look closely, you will see the pattern from the designer paper, very cool. I have heard this technique called paper painting and I think it's so much fun and I have been doing it a lot lately. Just really kind of interesting it makes it pop-out a little bit more. What I am going to do is just kind of do some layering right now and I am layering it on a navy blue. So we will assume that the baby is a boy and the card is also going to be navy blue and just to add another accent, I have the almost amethyst paper and just for an embellishment, I have two pieces of ribbon and I am going to show that you can tie them both into a knot together, and it kind of gives it a nice embellishment. I love to use two different ribbons together. I think it just makes it look more interesting and it's pretty cool. Just kind of have to get your fingers going in the right direction and then pull it through and then there you have it. If you wanted to, again you can take the brush tip of this marker and actually color -- maybe I will do it, color the ribbon. It's really kind of neat. Let me take my ribbon scissors, well they seem to have walked away, I will use this paper snips and I love my ribbon scissors better because they really cut nice and sharp. These are great for cutting out little thing like that one Z. You just really want to get some good sharp scissors on that ribbon. Once you have your ribbon ready, then go ahead and you can take your tape and put that on to the card. You can slide the ribbon down just a little bit and then you can also take your tape again and add that right onto the top of the card, Let The Cutie Begin. You can just really make this a Thank You note. You can make this anything but it's just so cute and it's just so much fun. And when you open it up sometimes, you have a dark piece of card stock to right on. So when this happens, you can use a white gel pen or you can actually cut a white piece of paper inside and right on top of the white piece of paper. An added embellishment which is a lot of fun to do, is using glitter. So I have 2-Way Glue Pen here and there is a little bit of glue. It looks like it's blue but it will dry clear and I put my glitter in a Tupperware Spice Shaker just because it's easier. It's easy pour, easy to put back and put back I mean you are going to have a lot of excess glitter when you make all of your projects and you want to save it because you could reuse it again. That glitter just makes this card looks so cute. Can you see that shine? This is powder paw, when you are finished, you just tilt it, it has a little opening. You can put it all back into you little Tupperware Spice Shaker and use that beautiful glitter again another time. This is just one idea on how you can make a really fun Thank You card for the presents that you've received because you are a proud mama or dad and here is cute idea too. I just got this in the mail, using the scala punch and the star punches for embellishment, it just looks so cute. It's such a pretty baby card. Here is a couple more samples using Let The Cutie Begin and here is another one here. So you can see how you can change the look. You can have fun with different colors, I just received this card. It's not a baby card but it's my friend, her daughter Ell(ph) is holding up Thank You. So how cute would it be to have the baby in a picture, the siblings holding up a sign that says Thank You and making your creative Thank You cards for the shower, for the baby presents. Just have fun, be creative. I know those Thank You notes are going to be enjoyed; everyone is going to love to know that you are happy with the gift you have received and that you have received it. Next, I have some great ideas on how you can make different baby gifts. So stay tuned and watch that.