How to Make an Origami Samurai Hat
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Learn how to make a samurai's helmet or kabuto. Kabutos were the inspiration for Darth Vader's helmet in the Star Wars movies... while the real things look quite intimidating, I think the origami version makes a fun party hat.


Here I’ll show you how to make a samurai’s helmet also called the kabuto. Starting with this square sheet of paper, fold it in half to make a triangle. Now take the corners of the triangle and fold up and in towards the middle. Take these flaps that we just created and fold them down on themselves. Now take this new flap and fold it halfway down, like so. Take the top flap at the bottom of the page and fold it part way up. Notice this gap here. Now, we’ll fold this part up to make the brim of the helmet. You can see here how the helmet opens up. Finally we’ll hide this bottom flap by tucking it inside the helmet. And now we’re pretty much done. As an optional extra step, you can fold up the corners of the hat to help open it up and give it some stability.