How to Make an Advanced Stuffed Dog Toy
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Learn how to make homemade stuffed dog toys - How to Stuff an Advanced Activity Toy.


Hi! I am Victoria Schade, I am a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and the Creator of the Puppy Training DVD New Puppy! Now What? Today, I am showing you how to stuff activity toys like this one, a great way to keep your dog busy and occupied constructively. Now, weve gone through a couple of different recipes, and at this point if youd been giving these types of activity toys to your dog he is probably pretty good at unpacking them. This is graduate-level packing. So, what you want to do to make it really difficult on your dog is pack more stuff in there. So, if you do a mix of cheese, soft things like cheese and harder things like your dogs actual kibble, this is just regular dog food. You are going to be able to get more inside. Another great tip is to put some kind of barrier at the opening, you can do a hard cookie, this is just a piece of jerky and this one is almost packed completely full. So, there is a cookie barrier at the opening. A great thing to do is to freeze the activity toy so you can take chicken broth or beef broth, start off by putting some kind of cork in the bottom whether its a piece of kibble or a bigger treat, fill it up with the chicken broth, put it in the glass and then freeze it and give that to your dog, that will take him a good long time to unpack, and a great that I like to do with my dog just to hide the activity toy. So once its packed, maybe Ill stick it under a table or a chair leg and they have to spend some time trying to find it, a really fun way to exercise your dog and keep him constructively busy. Hope your dog has fun.