How to Make an Absolute Sex Cocktail
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Learn how to make an Absolute Sex Mixed Drink Cocktail


The drink I’m going to show you how to make now is called a Surfer on Acid. It bewilders me where the drink names come from. So we’re going to shake this drink, we’re going to use our Boston shaker and we put ice in my multi-mixing cup and the recipe calls for three-quarters of an ounce, half of our Jagermeister which is made from 56 or 57 different ingredients. I’ve never had it but people tells me it taste like cough medicine. So only you can decide that. So we’re going to use three-quarters of an ounce of our Jagermeister. Then we’re going to use three-quarters of an ounce of our coconut rum, so it’s rum that’s flavored with coconut. And the last thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to put in a little splash of pineapple juice. We don’t need too much. Just a little bit to give a little bit of a flavor. And we’re going to serve this drink in one of our small mini rock glasses, a short rock glasses. Well let’s shake it up, let’s get it nice and cool, snap it and there we have it, Surfer on Acid!