How to Make a Haunted House
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Turn your home into the creepiest Halloween place with these easy ideas.


Male: Essential information from Fine Living. Male: To me the feeling of a hunted house is chilling. So I would buy a bunch of blue light bulb, green light bulbs and have everything in my house replacing with blue and green light bulbs. Decorate with dead flowers, tip all your picture frames at a slide angle. Take all the sheets in your house. Put the sheets over your chairs so when the people arrived at your house they have a feeling it’s a terror old house. I take little rubber spider glue it one the back of you’re toilet paper role it only works on one person but the first person that goes off the toilet gets the spider. So latex gloves with green colored cool eyed freeze in your freezer, now you have green hands to float on your punch bowls. You can be inventive try to think of things that are commonplace that they’re going to do something you don’t expect and that’s how you scare people. Male: Find more at