How to Make a White Wine Spritzer Cocktail
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Learn how to make a White Wine Spritzer Mixed Drink Cocktail


This drink is called a red wine cooler. It’s for somebody who likes to drink that doesn’t have a lot of alcoholic content, likes kind of a wine taste with a little bit of a soft drink in it. So we’re going to take a red wine glass and we’re going to fill it up about halfway with red wine. Now, you could use a cabernet sauvignon, you could use a merlot, you could use a syrah. So any type of red wine as long as it’s not sweet and we’re going to fill it about half way up just like so. And with that, what we’re going to do is just take a 7up or any type of lemon lime soda and fill it up about halfway also. So, what we really have is just red wine and a lemon lime soda just like so. And there we have it. A red wine cooler.