How to Make a Tom Collins Cocktail
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This drink is credited to a Mr John Collins, a bartender at the Limmers hotel in London in the 1800s. The drink was called the Tom Collins, taking its name from the use of Old Tom Gin, and apparently named after his brother. The sister of the Collins is the Fizz, which is a short Collins with charged water (from a soda siphon) and un-garnished. Add egg white to make a Silver Fizz; add the yolk and it becomes a Golden Fizz. Glass: 12 oz Collins Method: shake & strain 50ml London Dry Gin 25ml lem


Today we’re making a Collins, very, very classic, classic English drink. Grab your mixing glass, three lemon wedges, squeezed and drop it in, roughly about 25 ounce of juice, so roughly about 25 ounce of sugar syrup as well. Chosen spirits, classically, gin, 50 ml. Top it off with ice all the way to the top, ice keeps ice nice. Big shake. Quick taste just to check the balance between the lemon and the sugar. Tall Collins glass with lots and lots and lots of ice. Strain, and top off with soda water. One straw and get ready to garnish. Garnish simple, lemon wedge on top, serve. One Collins.