How to Make a Sex On The Beach Cocktail
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Learn how to prepare Sex On The Beach Cocktail Drink


Your finger on the top, you grab these fingers, wrap it around. Your thumb is right here in the front and this part of the hand here is on the neck. It’s almost like a tripod holding the bottle, so now, if we didn’t had this finger up here, we have control of the whole bottle. What this finger does is keeps the pour from flapping out into the glass and it also keeps the alcohol from leaking into all over the bar because this is like liquid gold; anything that we don’t collect money for is a waste of money. So, we take our finger, put it on the side, and we sort of hold it just like this so that when we pour and we’re turning over that thumb upwards like this if you can’t see and we’re grasping it so that when we pour, everything is what we call wrist action and it’s parallel to the rail. We don’t tuck it in underneath the arm or out like that. It’s right in here parallel to table. We take it and we sort of like swing it over and in order to get to stop it from dripping as we’re pouring, we take it and we make a “U”. Pour in the center and a “U” like that So now here is what we’re going to do, we need a tall glass for this particular operation. We have this. This is what we call a measurer, some people will have something like this and like this and the way we hold it is the same way. We take our three fingers, hold it right here in the center, our thumb is opposite this finger again and we rested on the little finger so that if we were holding a glass and filling it up, it’s just rotating right over and again, your hand is just like this. Pick up the bottle and this is how we’re going to pour. As we pour, you’re going to see the alcohol come out, we’re going to aim for the center and now watch. We got our finger on it, we aim for the center, fill up to the top, the middle; one, two, and this is going to be our basic pour for any type of alcohol that we’re going to serve in the bar. If they get one alcohol, it’s always going to be an ounce and a half. Turn the glass upside down and of course since this is a school, it’s only make-believe but it looks like the real thing and we dump it out. Now what we try to do in this pour is that whatever comes out of the bottle goes in here and in here. Now, if you notice this time, when we’re pouring we don’t count when we’re filling this up, it’s just a fill-up. That’s one ounce, an ounce and a half and the reason why we’re doing this is get the feel of the bottle.