How to Make a Red Devil Cocktail
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Learn how to make a Red Devil Cocktail Drink in this easy to follow step by step tutorial.


This video of bartending lesson is brought to you by American Bartender School, where in just one or two weeks you can be fully trained and ready to work as a professional bartender. The drink that I’d like to show you now how to make is called a B52, it falls into our sugar classification and it’s a layered drink, so I’m going to show you how to layer a drink. Since it’s a sheer, we’re going to serve it in one of our shot glasses and shot glass is a glass that many bartenders use to measure the amounts of liquor that they pour into a drink. There are different style of shot glasses, this is kind of a two look one; here’s another one, kind of a short, stubby; here’s another one, short and stubby with line; they all serve of the same purpose as a measuring instruments. We also have a smaller one; you can see that holds an ounce and a half. So it just depends on what you have available that you can use. So we’re going to layer our drink and we’re going to layer our drink which is a B52. And what layering means is that where it’s going to be three different layers so three different levels. First of all we’re going to use our Kahlua, which is our coffee flavored liqueur, and we’re just going to pour this right in here, and we’re going to do this in third. So we have a third of our Kahlua. Then what we’re going to use is a third of our Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur, and of course Baileys Irish Cream comes from Ireland; it’s very creamy, it’s like coffee flavor, and it’s got alcohol. There are many different brands of Irish cream liqueur, Baileys just happens to be one. And what we’re going to do is we take our spoon, we have a bar spoon here, got a long handle. If you’re working at home you can just use a teaspoon, and then what you’re going to do is turn the spoon upside down, put it down in which you're going to slowly pour your Baileys in there; and what that will do is that will allow us to have a dark layer on top and a white layer in the center. There we go, okay. Here is our Baileys. And the last thing that we’re going to use is our Grand Marnier, which is a clear color orange-flavored liquor. And don’t worry you have to mix this together a little bit because after about a minute the levels will settle. Fluid having the most sugar in will be the heaviest that will be on the bottom layer, your Baileys which is the second heaviest, also has sugar that will be on top of the Kahlua and the third one, which is the lightest is your Grand Marnier will be on top. So when these all settles, we will have three different colors; almost black, and a cream color and clear colored on the top. Now this hasn’t quite settled, they will be in a few seconds. Of course, the idea behind this is since it’s layered is you’re going to drink it down, unless you b drink it down. You’re going to have three different flavors at your palate. First, the orange, then the second one will be the creamy Baileys, and the third one would be the coffee flavor. So, interesting way to drink a drink, it’s got a lot of flavor but it’s not a drink that you’ll probably sip on. So enjoy your B52. More video bartending lessons are at our website,