How to Make a Painted Halloween Gourd Art
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Painted pumpkins and gourds create a Halloween bowling alley for your lawn.


Jennifer Perkins: This pumpkin look like enter kit work still art but looks can be deceiving because they are actually very easy to make. On slides bowling so I thought it looks really cute on my pumpkins as well. I took this one it’s foe but you can probably actually do this to a real pumpkin as well and I just punch done black paint put a little bit in the edges to give a little of definition so it look likes one of the swirly marbleized old school bowling bowls. And then I painted my three little fingers holes on there so it’s ready to go down the lane. And then I took some dried up gourds, spray paint them in white and put a little bond across them. I am going to set this up in my yard, get that looking like a bowling aisle and maybe put in my bowling shirts for my Halloween costume and my front yard is going to be a total strike with all the trick or treaters