How to Make a Mini Greenhouse with your Kids
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Blue Peter’s Zoe Salmon shows you how to make your own mini greenhouse.


Greenhouses are great inventions and lots of gardeners use them to help their plants grow. Now let me explain how it works. During the day, the air inside a greenhouse is heated up by the sun. The sun is a powerful source of natural energy. It produces both light and heat. And it can also be harness to make electricity using solar thermals. Now, solar thermals suck up the energy from the sun and store it. The energy can be used later for all sorts of things. Some people even have them on the roof of their house and use the energy to power electrical equipments. So the sun that makes the air inside the greenhouse warm, that warm air is absorbed by materials inside like the slubs, and the ground or heat absorbent material like the pea gravel. Of course, the sun in at night, but the greenhouse still stays warm. That's because the warm air is then released from the heat absorbents materials and works to keep the plants warm. Now, this Greenhouse is pretty big but that doesn't mean that you can't have your very own at home. If you want to harness the sun's energy, you could actually make your own little ring fingers mini-greenhouse. All you need to get started on this is just one of these. It's an empty pot bottle and then adults, you'll need one of those to help because you will be using scissors. Now, you washed out your bottle so that it's not sticky and then give it a good dry. Now, cut the bottom of the bottle, now, not too much because they want plenty of room for the plants to grow underneath that. Then check that it takes over your plant, perfect. And then you get the chance to be creative. You can paint it with different types of colors and paints wherever you like, and just be very creative and make it look nice, and bright and colorful. Now, you only need to create two more greenhouses to join me in an exciting experiment that will show just high powerful the sun actually is. Now, over here, I have got one white greenhouse, one black greenhouse and a greenhouse that I decorated a little bit earlier. Now, do you know what's special about the white and the black one? Well, the color that absorbs heat that's the color White reflects it. Heat is one of the energy that plants need to grow. They get water energy from the rain and light and heat energy from the sun. Now I wonder what will happen if my plants don't get a balance of these three different types of energy. Let's take a look. Oh! dear. Underneath the White greenhouse, this plant has wilted. Now, White reflects heat, meaning it bounces back off the greenhouse, it didn't get the heat energy it needed from the sun nor did it get any water from the rain and light from the sun couldn't get through the greenhouse to the plants. Now, underneath the Back greenhouse it looks like these plants haven't done that much better. Now, this plant got lots of heat energy because black suck in the heat but nobody waters the plant and the black greenhouse means that it didn't get any light energy from the sun. Brilliant, look at this one, this plant was watered and got both light and heat from the sun. It got exactly the right balance of natural water, light and heat energy it needed, so it's growing, make them strong. To go on, give it a go at home. The greenhouse big or small, can help you create an environment that love and by recycling old pot models, it won't be cause the earth.