How to Make a Leather Chain Heart Bracelet for Mother's Day
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Create a special bracelet this Mothers Day that says "for you, with Love."


Here’s a great mother’s day gift that comes from the heart, making exquisite leather chain heart bracelet that’s charming and fun. The idea is to weave an item through a large linked chain. You can use suede, velvet ribbon, or gamsa ribbon, or a metallic leather like we’re using. To get started, attach a fold over cord tip to the leather strip and crimp really tight. To weave the strip through the chain, bevel the edge of the leather. Maintain tension up as you weave through the chain to avoid your leather turning sideways. Continue weaving in and out through the length of the chain. Since weaving might use more leather than expected, use a piece long enough to have a tail at the end. Cut about a quarter of an inch pass the last link of chain. And add another cord tip. With the chain finished, add a split ring overlapping ends to your chain. Attach the loop of the cord tip and the split ring to the clasp. Now, simply attach heart charms with large split rings to allow movement of all the charms. Begin with the middle piece to make sure all charms are centered. The result is a beautiful heart bracelet that will really brighten your mom’s mother’s day. And remember, you can get all the printable instructions right here.