How to Make a Kid-Healthy Lunch
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Bethany Frankel shows you how to make easy lunch or dinner recipes for your kids. Cooking doesn't have to take a long time. Teach your children how to cook by having fun. Eating healthy never tasted so good.


[Music Playing] Well, today we have a special; guests, a lot of children are only used to eating off the kids menu. Hotdogs, pizza, french fries, some mom could be a little tricky and sneaks in healthy food in. So today we are going to make lunch items like hamburgers and I want to get some healthy foods for the kids, so sneak some greens and put some cheese on it and some whole grain buns. And they will love it. You love cheese? I am making burger snack. So instead of using --I do not want too much grind meat into children, so I am making turkey burgers. This is the pound of mix lean turkey meat. I put some of the white meat and also that is not too high in fat. This is a ΒΌ cup Dijon mustard, just great for flavor. And I have 2 minced gloves garlic, a quarter cup of Worcestershire sauce, which is like Dijon, it just give it a zest. I have 1-4 mixed herbs. Parsley is really healthy and it givers great flavor to the food and it is just good. It is good to eat dark, green, herbs and vegetable into your children. I also often put some spinach and herbs, as well, chopped spinach, anything. So this is only about pound and it depends upon how you want them to be, but just scour it, separate the mixture and form these patties. So this turkey burgers I am talking about before, I decided to spice them up and put the fetto cheese inside. Put something different. People always make the exact same thing. Hamburgers and hotdogs, and we are going to do a little different today. I have some turkey bacon left over from breakfast, so I chopped the turkey bacon and couple of blue cheese, put some parsley in this. And I like to take the bake potato, rub it on olive oil and bacon put some salt and pepper over it. And put it on the oven for 450. You cannot overcook potato, I mean you could, but it will really take a long time. And it gets this amazing crust like potatoes in Mexican fries, and I am going to use whole grain bun, so it is a healthy flavorful herb burger. [Music Playing]