How to Make a Healthy Snack For Kids
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Licensed nutritionist Rachael Richardson shows you a super fast and easy way to make a healthy midday snack packed with protein, and essential fatty acids.


In behalf of, this is Rachel Richardson, a licensed nutritionist with In this clip I’m going to show you how to prepare a healthy snack for your kids or for you. and so what I have here are a whole little repertoire of food. But when I started with here was some apples, some slice green and yellow apples and you can add other fruit too, you can add berries, you can add sliced of banana to this and then what I have is some different toppings. So its sort of like a non conventional kind of sundae thing where we got some slivered almonds, I have some healthier granola, this is just a little bit of pecans there and then I actually got some protein powder here, some way organic protein powder and then I’ve also got a couple different nut butters and I’ve got yogurt. You can certainly use other types of nuts, you can even use some chopped fruits, you can use even some dark chocolate chips if it sort of sweet snack and its intended to be their sweet snack of the day. Basically just start with the plate and then let them choose. So I will go ahead and just mix up my yogurt and just pour some yogurt over this, you know over this apple here. Make it look some pretty impossible. And then I would go ahead and add some different ingredients, so I start it with a little of protein powder and to get a little protein in there like this. Let them do it them selves if you like, a few slivered almonds, here you go. And maybe a little granola for some extra sweetness here and just pour in the pecans. And you can also add this nut butters, I’m not going to add them today. But here you go a delicious snack that your kids can enjoy and the snack is rich in fiber, its rich in enzymes from the apple and rich in essential fatty acids and minerals and protein from the yogurt and the nuts. On behalf of this has been Rachel and thank you for watching.