How to Make a Fruit Salad with Honey Vanilla Yogurt
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This FoodNetwork video shows you how to make a fruit salad with honey vanilla yogurt by chef Ina Garten - The Barefoot Contessa.


I was looking for a way to sort of spice up fruit salad, so I thought I would make a little bit of honey vanilla yogurt to go on it, so I need two cups of yogurts this is what I call hardly cooking. Half a teaspoon of vanilla, all my favorite flavors, two tablespoons of good honey this is actually local honey, which is really good. There is the different kind of honey there is clover honey, there is wild flower honey, it only depends on what the bees visited. If they're cruising around clover, it’s going to taste like clover honey. And then just because I like things to look like what they taste like, I'm going to put a little bit of vanilla bean in there. It’s actually the seeds of the vanilla bean and I'm going to run my knife, right down in the middle of the pod and then open it up with a knife, the point of knife and you see that you get the seeds out. And I'm just going to put them right in to the vanilla and then when its mixed you'll see, you can see the vanilla seeds kind of like vanilla ice cream. This really just good as a snack or for breakfast over a good omelet, but for today I'm going to serve this as sauce on the fresh fruit. Okay, nice and smooth, into the serving bowl. How could it be easier than that? And now for the fresh fruit, so there is one trick when you have fruit salad about keeping the banana from turning brown and that you want it coated entire in orange juice or something acidic like lemon juice. I like orange juice because it makes the fruit salad taste good. And then the juice from the orange is going to keep the banana from turning brown, okay. So you can see right between the membranes you can see how to cut the segments just right into the bowl. And you want to catch all the juice in the bowl that you're going to serve the banana in. Okay, and then just squeeze all the extra juice of the segments. And now the banana, perfect banana nice and yellow and ripe another thing about banana is you don’t want to refrigerate or it will turn brown. So buy bananas a day or two before you want to eat them and just leave them at room temperature, okay. Were just going to mix the orange and banana and we want to make sure each slice of banana is coated with a little bit of orange juice separate them and then they’ll stay nice and bright yellow. Okay, now for the rest of the fruit, so were just going to add some strawberries they’re cold and half and some fresh raspberries, and blueberries. And then I always like something green in fruit salad so I cut a half grapes but you can use kiwi or green melon, I just think it makes it look really luscious. Okay, just stir it all together, that looks good enough to eat and when the honey vanilla yogurt as a sauce going to be really good.