How to Make a Fly Fishing Rod - the Reel Seat
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Join Bennett-Watt and learn how to make a fly fishing rod with focus on connecting the reel seat.


How to Make a Fly Fishing Rod - the Reel Seat While we’ve left this set here long enough to think and set up the drain. Sure enough it’s dry, nice and solid all the way through here. We take this court this tape off front the court just so that the residue that the stick on there too long and we don’t need it up there anymore. Okay I’ll take reel seat here then this going to fitted in there and make sure that nothing changed on me. The rod gremlins didn’t get in there and move things around. Maybe if I tell you this right now you won’t have to go through them but most people then got more than two rods that had this happen to him. Most reel seats have a fixed hood and whether it’s connected to the reel seat like this one is where the opening for the foot of the reel will fit these sticks on there or you just put these pieces inside, you can cut to align it with this spy and in the rod. Before we go that point I want to make sure that we’re still in line with the tip sections or take the tip section that we are here and the marked that we put on here earlier and the mark that I have on this I want to put together and this will going to move this out and make sure that the alignment looks right. I’ve got the marking on the tip top aligned up with the marking on the bud set here and all I’m looking for is to see because we mark the spine on here earlier and I just going to say if it all works in with the curvature of the rod and the natural curve so when you have in your hand and your way to cast is not the remedy sings off to the side. I wanted all nice and even here. So that’s what I’m looking for, looking down here to see that this rod is going to be just like so which it is. So we’re going to rock out or we’re going to put it just like it is on the markings here. So as this I’ve got that tiptop straight up now, and I’m going to mark red there I’ve got a mark right on the top, now that’s the position that we’re not put the reel seat in here that I can line up with the middle of the opening of a reel seat here. So then when I’ve melt the reels, it will be in line everything here. Since the inside diameter of the reel seat is larger than the blank cage down here we’re going to build up this blanks I’m going to do that with the masking tape. We got one on the rod here. You can also use cork shims if you want too. I’ve been wood shims using it here but I grilled and then milled down to the right size. I’ve seen the string tied on with an epoxy. Most common is using tape because it’s the easiest. Right now we’ve got both two pieces of tape on here the work is shims not completely tight where I have to force it on here where this silver slip over and right in here, now we have the mark up here for the hood so I’m going to sight down here and get that turn around, there’s an opening right there that I’ve accept the reel so the reel will be inline this way when it’s knouted. One more look down to see if it’s line with that mark and it is, I would take this back out mix up your epoxy again five minute epoxy just like we did for the grip, put all over the blank all of the tape, all over the blank here but we don’t have so much down here at the other end though so that when you’ve forced the reel seat down it doesn’t push it all down in there, there is an extent that pushes the reel seat backout so I have a little bit done on this end right here but not so much but have a lot of in here. So that way epoxy will be on the blank and we’ll have contact between the blank and the reel seat the blank and the tape and the tape and reel so everything will be epoxy together. You just slide this in, line up, fix hood put it in place and set it aside and dry. Now if this is drying in place we can take the tape off here and then at this end remember a winding chat we’ve got here slip this on and bring this down just right here for the little double of epoxy right along here and bring this right up against that light show. And then it finishes this off the instruction.