How to Make a Fluffy Flower Picture Frame
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Spend a day with Cherie Lynn as she shows you and your kids how to have fun creating art. In this video, you'll learn how to make a fluffy flower picture frame.


We’re going to work with some more tissue paper but instead of doing a flat collage we’re going to work with some strips that I’ve already started cutting. They don’t have to be perfect. You’re just going to cut maybe an inch and inch and a half strips of paper like this because what you’re going to do is then you’re going to cut them into little squares like so then you’re going to take them and you just kind of roll them into little bundles like so. And I just happened to have some that are already rolled up and I want to stay with warm colors. I decided I wanted to do kind of a warm color picture frame. What I’m going to do is take one f this frames that are already predone and I need my polymer medium again and a brush and my frame and my little tissue paper. And I think what I’m going to do is just start around the center, around the opening and this is real easy, just put some polymer down and you just stick a little pieces of tissue paper in there. And you can put it on relatively thick ‘cause they tend to stick better if you put them into a thicker glue and don’t worry the glue dries clear, you’ll never see it unless you want to. I’m just going to finish up this last row here and then I can start on the next row of colors. So we’re going to put some polymer down here and I’m going to go with the darker shade of orange. I’ve almost made our second circle, I just have a few more to put in here and then we can start on my yellow circle. And I think I’m going to kind of stop at the edge because I’m going to do the ruffles down the edge and those go pretty quickly. We’re just about to the last little bundles here. So there we’ve got the little bundles in place and I’m just going to kind of press on them so they all actually go into the glue. And now, I’m going to start on the ruffled part. And what you need are just little squares of tissue paper like this and a pencil, the eraser and you just wrap it around the end of the pencil like this and you’re going to dip it in the glue and then you’re going to do another one. You just wrap it around the end of the pencil, dip it in the glue and I’m actually going to put this one here inside of the one I just did. We’re getting close and I came up with a quicker way to do these flowers inside each other, if you just put a little dab of polymer on there you can actually make the little double flowers ahead of time and then it goes a lot quicker just like this and then you can wrap the two of them around the pencil, dip them and stick them. That way you don’t have to worry about opening the original flower each time and worrying about whether or not you got it in the center. And then after we finish this last few, we just have to kind of fill in the edges so it doesn’t look like we just kind of stopped and just do one layer of them. We’re just about finished here. We’ve got made two or three ruffles left to put in. And there we go. So, there we’ve got our tissue paper picture frame made and I think just for a little bit of color since there are lots of orange in this, I think it would be nice to add a little touch of blue, just add some little blue bundles into the centers of some of these little flowers, just kind of drop them in there and they’ll show up. Actually I can probably just dip them right in there and just open a flower and drop it in there and I think they can be asymmetrical. I don’t think they have to be evenly distributed. I put my brush in the water before it starts to get hard as a rock and I have this picture here and then I go ahead and kind of get it centered on here and I think what I’ll do is just trim away and I can estimate what needs to be trimmed away from here. And flip them over just want to make sure that seems paste on the side around its beak, found some masking tape. We put some tape on it this way facing up like that and like that and in that way we can center the frame right over the photo and then press it in place. And there we have it, a bird has been framed. Start by making tissue bundles. Stock a few sheets of one color of tissue on top of each other and cut strips about an inch wide. Cut the strips into inch squares and roll into bundles. Sketch out your plan lightly with pencil. Pain polymer on to a small area and apply your bundles. Don’t be stingy with the glue. To create a flower-like effect pull the tissue over the eraser end of a pencil like so. Dip into the polymer and place on to the frame. You can place flowers inside of each other for a fun effect. Attach a photo when you’re finished.