How to Make a Flickr pic Link to Your Website
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Learn how to Make Flickr pic or jpg link to your website on your Craigslist or Backpage ad. This video shows you a neat little trick on how to make a Flickr pic on Craigslist redirect to your website of choice. Items needed: 1. Yahoo email account 2. Free Flickr account - thru your yahoo email 3. a Craigslist or Backpage ad 4. a JPG or similar photo/pic to upload to your Flickr account 5. a website you want to promote. and heck, why not have a glass of h2o


Okay, here we have Craigslist and then there’s Back page and then we have Flickr. Flickr is a popular photo sharing site that allows you store up to 200 photos for free. All you need is a free Yahoo e-mail account to get started. Okay, now Craigslist and Back page both allow you to upload up to four images per add on their site. And here we have an example of posting on Craigslist with the picture posted on Craigslist. Notice it’s not clickable. Right, here’s the same add on Back page and if I scroll down, this picture is hosted on Flickr. See how when I hover over, it’s clickable and it takes to the Flickr account where the picture is being shared or posted on. Now wouldn’t it be cool if you could host your pic on Flickr but have it be clickable and have it go to your website? Now check this out. Here’s an ad on Back page where the photo host in on Flickr but it redirects to the website of my choice. All right, pretty cool, now Craigslist and Back page like I said allow four pictures per add on their sites to be uploaded onto their server which is great but what if you won’t be able to be able to click on the pic and have them be redirected to your website? Well, this is what I am going to show you today with Flickr. And let me show you another one. Here we have an ad with one; two, three, four, five and every one of these is clickable; going to the website. Okay, I am going to show you how I took this picture that I have hosted on my Flickr account and we did the code so that it goes to the website that I want it to go to. And I am going to be using Craigslist and Back page interchangeably here because they are both are very similar as far as for posting ads. And here we have—we’re going to go the Flickr account first. And here is where the picture is uploaded to the Flickr account. Now, if you go over to the right here, it’s not really obvious but it says ‘share this’. Click on that link, then you’re going to want to grab the Embed it code. Going to click in here, you want to copy paste the whole thing and then you would paste it in your description box of your Backpage or Craigslist ad. Okay now, here is a close up of that code. Notice that it’s got all this HTML stuff. There’s really just two parts to it. There is the image source here and then there is the part where it’s hyperlinked back to the Flickr account here. And I am going to highlight here. This is the part that we’re going to be changing because by default; if we leave it as it is, when somebody puts there mouse over the picture, that is going to be clickable and it’s going to go to their Flickr account which is not what we want to do. So, we’re going to take this part of the code and change it to where we want it to go. Then this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to change the website to, in this case Go by to the second link, see it, and see. This works with and the number; big, long address where it’s telling you who’s hosting. We’ll dump in all that. We’re replacing it with this. And actually, I don’t even know why this is here. The title doesn’t need to be there. And I will show you. You would post that in here. So we’re still left where the image has been posted but we just change where the image is going to redirect and thus, when you do that rather than here. Okay, so once again, the recap. To make this image clickable to the site of your choice, we want to go to Flickr. Go to the Share this, copy the code. Go ahead and open them up in a Notepad, paste it. It would be nice in big. Okay and then on the anchor part, we’re going to put in the site that we want. And then make sure you have the closing quote. Otherwise, that wont’ work. Right, so then we’re going to select all of these and copy. And then we’re going to go into our ad and paste right there. Then you can go down to either save it or update it. And wala! Click on it and now it goes to your site. Pretty cool, huh?