How to Make a Classic French Onion Soup
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Alton makes traditional French onion soup with a crust of bread and cheese.


One thing is for sure, they don’t call it onion soup for nothing. Now, we’re going to need enough sliced bulbs to fill that skillet all the way to the top. We’re talking eight maybe ten onions. Now, you can use yellow onions, you can use red onions, or you can even mix and match. It’s up to you. Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the numbers. Just take a little bit off of both ends in the onion and then slice it in half from pole to pole. Then you should be able to just reach under the skin with your blade and peel it off in maybe one or two pieces like that. Now, get all the onions prep to this point and leave them cut side down on the board. Otherwise, in a few minutes the tear level will be right up there with the scene where they lock up Dumbo’s mom. Anyway you can cut with herbal slicer or you can even use a food processor. But then you’d end up with rounds which hang off a spoon and the finished soup kind of like seaweed. So, what we want is little half moons. The trick is to think slice not chop. It only takes three tablespoons of butter to send this heat on its way to soup them, that and having our electric skillet set for 250 degrees.