How to Make a Christmas Bow
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Learning how to make a bow is very easy with these instructions from host Meghan Carter. She will walk you through the steps of how to make a bow, and you'll also discover multiple ways to style your bow. Whether you want an elegant bow, a casual bow or a double bow, you'll easily be able to make many bows to use around your home and on gifts.


Well, it may seem intimidating at first, learning how to make a bow is very easy. I am Meghan Carter and this is Ask the Decorator. For us to have that perfect finishing touches for gift basket wreaths, flowers, just about any thing. But before you can add them, you need to know how to make a bow. To make a bow, all you all need is a long ribbon and some wire. Before you do any thing, cut a piece of cut wire that is three inches long and set it aside. It will be used to wire the ribbon together later. Then, get a very long piece of ribbon. The ribbon can be thick or thin, whatever you prefer and wired or unwired but I prefer wired because it is much easier to work with. Once you have your ribbon, take it off the spool and straighten it out. You will thank me for that later. After the ribbon has been straightened, finish the ribbon leaving a long tail. Next, loop the ribbon, if your ribbon is not the same on each side, twist it then make another loop. After making each set of loops, put your pointer finger in one loop and your middle finger in another and pull the loops together to see if they are the same length. If not, adjust them. Continue making loops in that manner until you think you have enough. For this bow, I will be making five loops on either side, so ten loops in total. Now, as for the center of the bow, you have two options. For dress of your bow, before you attach the wire to the bow after making the loops, make one last tiny loop then thread the wire through the last loop and around the ribbon. Spread the loops out and you are done. For more casual bow, after making your loops, take the piece of wire you already cut and twist it around the center of the loops. Take the tail of the ribbon and wrap it around the bow and wire down from the back. Then spread the loops out. After making the bow to your liking, cut the two tails of the bow by folding them together and making an angled cut with the scissors. If you would like to make a double bow, make the bottom layered just as I showed you but without a center then take a different colored ribbon and start making the bow in the same way. Only this time, make each set of loops a bit shorter. Make the last loop very small for the center of the bow, wire the bow together and spread the loops out. Cut the tails and attach the bow to the other bow you made with wire. Now, all you have to do is find a place for all of your beautiful bows. I am Meghan Carter and this is Ask the Decorator. For more decorating tips and information on new decorating products, visit my web site,