How to Make a Beautiful Easter Wreath and Eggs
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Description's Lifestyle Party Expert Jeanne Benedict of demonstrates how to enhance your Easter decor with this lovely blue Easter egg and feathered wreath. This wreath is sure to make a fabulous entrance into your home and its fun and easy to make!


This fun wreath from is great for Easter, you’ll need about two dozen large eggs, then you have to get the inside out of the egg. Use a knife with a sharp pointed tip and carefully poke a hole in the side of the eggshell. Use your fingers to gently break of piece of the shell until you have about a dine size hole. Empty out the inside of the eggs into a bowl. You can cover the bowl, raw eggs with plastic wrap and keep them in the refrigerator for one to two days maximum before using them in your favorite egg dish. Of course get every little shell keys out of the eggs before you cook with them. Rinse out the inside of the eggshells really well with warm water. Then to make sure they are completely clean, immerse the shells in a pot of hot water for five minutes, boil the water first and then remove it from heat so the bubbling action doesn’t move around the eggs and crack them. Let them dry, open a hole side down on paper towels. I use blue food coloring and hot water as a dye for my eggs, beautiful. I also added about tablespoon of vinegar to help the dye take to the eggs a little better. Then immerse your eggs in a dye bath. Be sure to gently, fill them with water so they stay at the bottom of the bowl and dye evenly. Keep the eggs at the dye for three to five minutes. Then remove the eggs from the dye, empty out the water and then let them dry completely on a bed of paper towels. You repeat this process using the same dye bath until all your eggs are a gorgeous blue color. Now, it’s time to put the wreath together. I pick up a 16-inch diameter Styrofoam wreath paste at the craft store and I’m using a low temperature hot glue gun to put the eggs on the wreath. The reason I put the glue on the eggs and not the wreath is that the glue can sometimes not the Styrofoam when it’s applied directly to it and always be careful when using hot glue not to get it on your fingers. You may even want to set the eggs on the counter to apply the glue to the egg. Also it’s a good idea us to make sure the eggs fit around the wreath before you glue them as some of the eggs are slightly different in size. Continue putting the eggs around the wreath until you’re done. Now, we’ll add a couple of feathery white boughs that I also got at the craft store. Start around the outside of the wreath and use floral opinion pins to secure the bowl to the Styrofoam. You know you could also use hairpins, which would work great. When you’re done with the outside of the wreath bring the remainder of the bough under the wreath and detach it around the inside of the wreath. When you need to add a new bough overlap the bough ends and use a floral pin to attach the bough to the Styrofoam. You can cut off any extra bough or go back to the outside of the wreath and make it fluffier. As the wreath hanger, I’m simply bending the fronts of the floral pin at the midpoint and inserting them into the Styrofoam in the back of the wreath. I chose a beautiful white satin ribbon as a final touch and it’s an elegant way to hang my wreath. A feathery and fun Easter egg wreath is the perfect way to greet guest at the door for this special holiday, Happy Easter from