How to Make a Bean Picture Frame
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Spend a day with Cherie Lynn as she shows you and your kids how to have fun creating art. In this video, you'll learn how to make a decorative bean picture frame.


Okay now we can go ahead and start on our bean frame. Now this is something you can get right out of moms kitchen cabinets or you can go to the grocery store and buy a variety of different beans. They come in different sizes, colors, textures, shapes and you need polymer medium again, paint brush, some water keep your brushes from getting all dried out and I have a nice little collection of beans here. I’ve got green and orange and kind of the earthy colors black and the reddish beans and I think what I’m going to do is start with—just going to put my polymer down and this one kind of works the same way as the tissue paper. Okay you can put it around kind of thick. It’s going to dry clear. You don’t have to worry about it and you just put down your polymer and you know, plan out your design if you want to do a border of one color being and then you want to fill in with another color. You could make a whole collection of these and one would be different in the other and you wouldn’t have to worry about repeating anyone designed each time you do it you’re going to learn something, a little trick that’s going to make the next one even better than the one you just completed. Okay I’ve got a double border done here and now I’m just going to fill it with the polymer, the rest and I think I’m going to use the yellow split piece. Now you could if you want to just spend all the time you know place them down one at a time okay and they could be all facing one direction but I think what we’re going to do here is we’re just going to kind of sprinkle them on. It kind of to let them just go wherever they want to go and just so that you know, you may have to go back after some of this dry and put another coat of polymer on and just kind a sprinkle some more on to fill in where they may not stuck the first time and you’re also going to want to go back after the whole frame is done and everything is dry and put a nice thin coat of polymer right on top of the whole thing and it will be nice and shiny. And you’re going to have to wait oh maybe 10 minutes or so, these dry pretty quickly and things glue down with polymer and then it was just put a little bit more to fill it in, okay and then it’s almost like you’re putting a second layer on there just to—so that it’s more solidly covered with yellow-orange color that’s all. And then at the very, very end you just put a thin coat of polymer over it and that’s finished. Choose a color scheme and plan out your design with a pencil. Pick a small area to begin and apply polymer generously. Sprinkle one type of bean at a time and place carefully. Repeat for each area of the frame and allow glue to dry. Apply a thin coating of gloss medium over the entire frame to give it a glossy coating. Attach a photo and enjoy.