How to Make a Beaded Pendant Necklace
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How to make a beaded pendant necklace. has everything you need to get started making jewelry. We have designed and created jewelry making kits with video tutorials and written instructions aimed at helping you grow as a maker and seller of handmade jewelry. Find tips & tricks about how to sell on the most popular handmade craft sites and learn all the jewelry making terms and definitions in our glossary.


Female Speaker: To make the Beaded Pendant Necklace, you will need a sixteen inch chain broken into three sections, three jump rings about six millimeters in diameter, a lobster claw clasp, five pins with a circle at the end, about 22 beads if you use the size that I have. If you use a larger size, you will probably need fewer and finally the pendant. The tools you will need are the flat nose pliers, clippers, crimp nosed pliers and round nose pliers. Let's begin by the adding the pendant to the chain. We just take pre-opened jump rings, feed it through the hole in my pendant and through the chain, I am going to take our crimp nosed pliers, and our flat nose pliers, and just put the jump ring back together. Alright, it's attached on this side. And we will do the same thing on the other side. Just like that, bring it back together. Alright, now the pendant is attached, we are going to fill in this area here. I am going to take a pin with a loop at the end and just open it with my crimp nose and my flat nose pliers, just wrench it open. Then I am going to attach it to the chain. Alright, just close it back up. Alright, now I am going to get fourteen of the beads, in my palm, so that I can thread it through the pin. I am just going to thread them through, it's going to be easier if you have them all gathered. Now that they are threaded, I have about a quarter inch of space at the top. I am just going to take the top end and bend it 90 degrees, just try that one more time. There we go. And grab with your crimp nosed pliers below the bend and bend it back and forward with your round nose pliers. This gets you a semicircle. Alright, now we will finish our circle with our round nose pliers, bring it around, don't close it because we are going to attach it to the other portion of the chain, alright, just get that jump ring through there. I am going to close it actually with my crimp nose pliers; it's hanging upside down here. Alright, pull up the bead there, so now we have a beaded section and the pendant attached. Now we are going to make the dangley beads. These are going to hang on every other jump ring away from the bird, that makes sense. The way we make these is to take a pin with a circle at the bottom, and one bead, draw that through, in the same way we attached the pin at the other side. We are going to go a little above the bead, bend it up to a 90 degree angle, take our round nose pliers, bend it back, then forward and leave it just a little open, so you can attach it. We are going to reuse this pin, so we are going to crimp it or clip it, I am sorry, right below this end so you have enough to attach it but also enough to make another one. Now we have to make the bottom circle. So grab the wire, just the very end with your round nose pliers and turn it all the way around. And now you have, sort of, a lopsided loop. Take it with your flat nose pliers, on this side, and with your round nose pliers stick it back in the loop, bring it back around. You don't want to open the loop, we are trying to do -- I will try taking it here and do it this way, I am trying to make the bottom circle not lopsided, there we go, it's right in the middle. So we will take a bead and just like we did the other one, a little bit above the bead, little bit above the bead, bend it 90 degrees, take your round nose pliers, just go back and forward and adjust that one just a little, make them look great. Back and forward one more time, we don't want to close them, we also want the bead to come off. We will clip it till we think we have enough room to close it, here we are. Now we have the dangles. I am just going to take these, and attach them where I want them. We have got the loop here, my crimp nose pliers and my flat nose pliers; I am going to smash down the open end so that it dangles. Perfect and I am just going to attach all of these all the way around, that way. Alright, my little dangle beads on there. Now I am going to attach the lobster clasp, just need to open the jump ring, attach it, attach it to this end, grab the work, alright, now we are going to open this jump ring already on the necklace, run the lobster claw through, close it back up, shuts nice and tight. Now we have our completed Beaded Pendant Necklace, perfect.