How to Lose Weight - Workout Plan - Week 6
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Weight Loss expert Stephen Cabral shows you this exercise and fitness plan that promotes weight loss. Each week, the exercise routine will get increasingly difficult. Perform this routine twice a week on nonconsecutive days.


Sarah: Hey everyone! Welcome back to video. I am Sarah, your host, and I am joined by Stephen Cabral, Body Transformation Expert. It is week 6 of our weight loss workout series. So congratulations, if you have made it this far. That's awesome and by now, you should be seeing some newly toned muscles, you never thought were possible. Now to finish it off, we of course, have one last workout, the ultimate calories scratcher, I guess, and muscle toner. So to get started at it, what are we doing? Stephen: We will start with 215-pounders. For this exercise, we want to choose a heavy weight. So weight that's pretty difficult, a weight that you progressed up to over the last 5 weeks. So I am going to have Sarah hold the dumbbells up, right at shoulder height, good. She is going to get down to a little bit of a squat. So she is going to make her legs work, kind of, like a horse stance, not quite that deep in Marshal Arts. We are going to go up and down. We are alternating sides, keeping the core engaged. So unless you have a challenging weight, you are just not going to get enough out of this exercise. Awesome! Now let me take those from you, great set! The next exercise -- so we went split-lunge jump last time, we are going to do an alternating side or a switch split-lunge jump this time. So one foot in front of the other, you choose. Her shoulder blades are pinned back, a little longer stance. We have Sarah lunge down, and then jump up in the air, and switch while she is in mid air. Just like that, good! So last week we stayed in the same leg forward, same leg back. This week we switch each time and so a little cheap tip to remember is wherever your front foot is, have your back foot landing at same spot. That way you will always stay in your same, kind of, 3X3 foot box and that's what you want to do. All these exercises can be done at home or at the gym. We always make sure that you are able to do them either of location, at your office, wherever you want, good! Sarah: It's a little too hard, now I have to rest. Stephen: I will take those from you and let's see you do with body weight now. Alright last exercise, we are going to move right into the ab work. Have a seat, lie right down on your back. What I want you to do is hold the ball between your feet, good! So squeeze those inner thighs again, you want to hold it tight, hands over the head. Now what you are going to do today is bring the ball up above your hips, grab it with your hands, take it away, bring it over your head, and then right back up, without your feet or the ball touching overhead. So none of the hands touch nor the head touch, right back. Good! Make sure you come up at the same time, reach higher with upper body, do one more. Reach up high, finish with the legs, and come on down, nice work! So we did three exercises, and again, you are going to go 1, 2, 3, no rest. Rest a minute to a minute and a half and then go right back into that one or two more times. In first week, you may only want to do it twice. See if you are sore. If you end up being sore, you can keep it at 2 sets. Then if you are not sore, go right up to 3 sets the next time. Increase the weight with every workout, if you can, as long as your form stays tight and you can do this workout one or two times per week. Sarah: I hope all you guys enjoyed this 6 week weight loss workout series and don't forget to subscribe for the DietHealth channel to get free workout videos every week. We will see you next time.