How to Lose Weight at Work
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Melissa Cassera says that if you follow these simple tips, you can actually shrink your waistline during the work week.


Audra Lowe: You know when you’re sitting to your desk, your working 40 plus hours a week and your surrounded by the bending machines, the candy temptations really easy to pack on the pounds there but wellness expert Melissa Cassera says that if you follow a few simple steps you can actually shrink a waistline during the work week. Good to have you back. Melissa Cassera: Thank you. Audra Lowe: So jus the few simple steps that’s what everyday going on is not that difficult to do right. Melissa Cassera: It’s not that difficult, I am living proof I loss 20 pounds that I gain at my first stress job by following these steps. Audra Lowe: Okay so the first thing that you say is it’s everybody told to pack your own launch because you pack healthier but this is a different kind of them. Melissa Cassera: Absolutely, so I love this. This is the Bento box from laptop launches. It comes with really cute case but then it has all these different little compartments that actually encourage you to exercise portion control and calorie count. So you can use your left over, you can use fruits and vegetables whatever you have in your refrigerator. And the biggest thing that I have was I used to get board with launch so we’ve always have to think with new things that would be healthy but also not make me you know all I got them in another vegetable today and so it comes with a little book as well with different recipes and things like that very, very easy, very easy to use. Audra Lowe: Just don’t do the Audra method which is you take the big piece of cake and put it to this Melissa Cassera: No. Let’s put these cookies. Audra Lowe: Okay the next thing you say is really making a group effort. You have to had that motivation behind you so how do you go about doing something like this. Melissa Cassera: Sure, will typically there is at least two or three other people on the office that are trying to loss weight so gather together with them and put together a program. You can use facebook, you can use twitter to you know get together and to communicate and there is actually some free things on the wellness council of America website that you can go to and print right out. There are food logs, there are exercise logs and there are all kinds of really great free materials that you can go on news and on bend together and it’s so much easier when you have a support system. Audra Lowe: And what’s easier also is when you get a work out at your desk too. A certain things that you can do when someone’s looking and the people are workout so how do we do that with this thing? Melissa Cassera: Absolutely, when you definitely you don’t want to sit there all day you want to stand out about every five minutes and do something. Audra Lowe: Okay. Melissa Cassera: So if you keep your resistant bond at your desk that’s great, if you can do some bicep curls, triceps curls all kinds of great arm exercise like exercise and I encourage everyone to wear pedometer because you won’t realize how many steps you’re not taking. Audra Lowe: That’s true. Melissa Cassera: Even going into the printer and going up the stairs and you know anything that you can do just to move around and take a lap around the office is great so much better than just sitting in the chair. Audra Lowe: Okay and then also use the one here tips is to keep your mouth busy and I’m talking about gossiping with it. You’re talking about putting different things that your desk that you can eat instead of snacking on the bad stuffs right? Melissa Cassera: Yes, often times we’re not hungry we’re just bored or we’re ready to the data end so its 3 or 3:30 you’re like you want a snack. So instead of doing that graph some sugarless come or you can drink some peppermint tea which help with digestion and if you have gum or peppermint tea whenever you have that in your mouth if you know this after you brush your teeth as well you’re not hungry because you’re not going to eat anything because the taste is like peppermint. Audra Lowe: Yeah. Melissa Cassera: So that’s my best tip is put peppermint in your mouth and you will not snack and then obviously you have to drink plenty of water that’s something you cannot live that at all. Yes, dehydration is often also mistaken for hunger so drink plenty of water throughout the day and drink your water bottle and you will be good to go. Audra Lowe: Alright, you did it your living proof. Melissa Cassera: Yes. Audra Lowe: Thank you so much Melissa and good to have you back. Melissa Cassera: Thank you.