How to Load Your Face Paint Brush
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Before you start painting, you need paint on your paint brush. Kathleen Wright, a face painter, demonstrates the correct way to load your brush. Too much water could mean runny paint.


How to Load Your Face Paint Brush On behalf of, I'm Kathleen Wright. I'm a face painter with In this clip, I'm going to show you properly how to load the brush with the paint. It’s very important. The first thing I'm going to do is make sure the brush is wet but I'm going to blot it a little bit on paper. You make sure that it’s not soaking wet. You're going to come over to your paint which ever color. You're going to start doing strokes. It’s very good to use the flat brush that I'm using that you can get with any of the proper face paint products that you can find. By doing this back and forth, you are getting enough paint on the brush where it’s not going to bleed when you do a demo and when you start to do your paint. But what I do first is I use the back of my hand before I even do the tattoo. I do a couple strokes and sometimes if it’s too watery, you’ll be able to see because it’s going to bleed on the sides. This one right now is not but if you do too much water like I'm going to try to demonstrate one. It should give a clean line. I'm going to show you how much water. If you have too much water when you go like this, its going to bleed and a lot of the paint just won't look right. So the best thing to do is to just put a little bit of water and make that you get clean lines without putting too much paint and like I said, the flat brush which looks like this is a really good brush especially if you're starting out to use because it gives you pretty good strokes. I mean you can pretty much do anything with it and you can turn around and do pretty much anything. You can try to get narrow strokes by just using the edge. And I'm just going to do silly monkey here on Ricardo, but I could do fill and then I can turn around and just do a skinny line with it too. On behalf of, I'm Kathleen Wright. Thanks for watching today.