How to Live a Longer Life
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Aging well doesn't have to be the luck of the genetic draw. Dr. Bill Simpson gives advice on how to live a longer, healthier life.


Well, there have been some studies to look at what helps people age well. And the thing that’s central is exercise, physical activity. There are folks in China that lived to be over a hundred a lot them in this small rural villages have to walk up and down hills to get their water every day and so they do that everyday of their lives. That regular physical activity is a very good thing. The other thing that healthy people do is of course, never smoke so that is a sort of a baseline, never smoke and be physically active. The other is to have a very good diet and good diet is heavy in fruits and vegetables and lighter in fats and those sorts of things. So, we say strive for five servings of fruits and vegetables, people that live a long time have usually been people that eat lots of fruits or vegetables. They also eat breakfast on a regular basis. Breakfast eating for reasons that we don’t really understand seems to make people live longer and healthier lives and whether that is because it is mostly a relatively low calorie meal that often times has fruit and those have milk which has calcium and at least, we don’t know exactly what it is. It may be that people that get up and eat breakfast are just healthier because they are active and they are getting up and eating breakfast, I don’t know what it is but that helps. So, those are the sort of characteristics that hold people together in that high level of educational achievement and continued educational activity, life long learning is a very good thing for longevity too.