How to Layer Dirt Cups
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Anna Zeccolo of Tiny Chefs shows some different recipes to make fun desserts for kids, andhow to layer dirt cups


Hi, I am Anna Zeccolo with Tiny Chefs. Today, we are making Dirt Cups for Kids. We have gone ahead and made our pudding mixture that had whipped cream and chocolate pudding in it. We mixed it up for about two minutes so, it's nice and thick. Next, we need to crush up our cookies. Again, you can use about four or five cookies of your choice. Today, I am using chocolate cookies with cream center. We put it in a plastic bag making sure to seal the top. Kids can palmed it out with their fist, like this. You can also crumble it up with your finger tips like this. You want to get it nice and crumbly, and into small pieces. So, it takes a little bit of time to do this. Once you've got your cookie crumbs, this is going to be the dirt for your Dirt Cups, and your pudding is going to be the mud for your Dirt Cups. Next, we are going to layer the pudding, and the cookies. You can start with pudding first, or cookies first, totally up to you. So, I am layering pudding, and a couple of these cookie crumbs, just like that, and more pudding, and more cookie crumbs. So get those right in there, and more pudding, and finally, the last of your cookie crumbs. It looks delicious, you can top it with one last cookie, and your worms, your gummy worms, there, and that look cute. Next, we are going to make Thumbprint Surprise Cookies.