How to Knit with Knitting Needles Part 4/4
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Mikey teaches you how to Knit using conventional knitting needles. In part 4, Mikey explains how to make Peal stitches to flatten your knitting.


Okay, now the secret to making it flat, we have just come around doing a conventional, so you are going to get a bump and then a bump flat spot. So now that we have done this, what we have to do is alternate the way that we are doing the stitches. So let us go in and instead of pushing it to the back, let us put the right one if front and we are going to grab that string. So do not let that straggler catch you. You are going to grab the string and go into the front just like so. So instead of pulling it back towards you, what you are going to is you are going to push out away from you. Let us try that again. So around okay and you are going to push away from you, just like so, and so now you are going to pull it off. So in the front, around, and then come off to the back. So, the front, around, come to the back, front and around. Now, the secret to this is that you cannot make a flat panel by doing the stitch that you are seeing here. You have to alternate it because what you are doing is you are reversing the way that you are pulling it off the needle and you are reversing where the string is going to be. So if I did the same stitch when I go to turn the material around, I am still going to get the space bump, space bump. So when I go to do the next line, I have to do it the way that I have just showed you before. So basically, every other line will be the way that you see it right now. So in front and push away and now we are in the last one, to the front and push away. So now if you pull it towards you, see how that gap now is getting bigger. That is because we reversed it. So now this line here, we are going to do it back the way that we just did it before. Okay, so behind and off and behind and off, behind. And that is how, and knitting, you get this flat, beautiful one sided. So this makes crochet very one-sided. So one side is going to look really flat and the other side is going to kind of look bumpy but it all depends on what side that you are going to be displaying. And again, the sky is the limit and you can alternate it too if you want. Maybe you want a section of your material that is flat and not bumpy. Sky is the limit, basically, you can do whatever you want. Okay, look at that. Now, the gap is even bigger. So now we are going to turn it around again and because we are going— we want that flat spot to remain bigger, we are now going to put our needle in the front, wrapping your material around, right and push back. So this is all that I know when it comes to knitting. I do not know too much. My mom showed me how to do these two stitches when I was a kid and I have not doubled on any patters with knitting, but this is how I know to explain it as simply as possible, and I have never done any sweater or anything like that in knitting, only in crochets. So look at that. We are into minute number four in this video and look how much further we have gotten. So remember I said, now what we have done now is we’ve created this side to be the bumpy side, but in the other side, we are creating a beautiful flat piece just like you see here, nice and flat. And that is the basics of knitting.