How to Keep your Kids Safe on the Web
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Comprehensive tech news and reviews from GetConnected. This video focuses on how to keep your kids safe while they surf on the web.


Keeping your children safe from predators on the web is a concern for every parents. Pareto logic is known for various software products that can provide your PC with protection. Out of its tables, now comes PG Surfer, a free program that enables parents to safeguard their children from surfing into dangerous waters on the internet. You set the program parameters and the program does the rest. PG Surfer will keep an eye on your children when you can’t. Each child will be required to log in, allowing you to set different parameters for each situation. Your on-demand reports are detailed logs of each user, their activity such as surfing, logging in or logging out and the website address that was accessed. Open PG Surfer from it’s desktop icon or just start a web browser to see the user login screen. Once you have logged in, you can create a separate account for user with their own password. They will need to log-in in order to access the internet and your customized program controls will be in effect. The homepage gives you access to all the controls. A summary for each user is on this opening page. By clicking the user’s name, you can access their profile. This is where you can customize all of your settings. The general tab has various login settings like choice of icons, sound alert, automatic logout and sensitivity level. The filter’s tab allows you to choose your own website and keyword filters. In the internet chat tab, you can block any or all instant messenger, IRC and web-based messaging features. File trading allows you to block, peer-to-peer file sharing and/or FTP uploads and downloads. Email access from both PC and web-based accounts can be blocked. The website list tab has fields for both whitelist for acceptable websites and a blacklist for websites to be blocked. Add and remove as many websites as you want to either lists. Similarly, the application list tab has editable list of allowed application or programs and those to be blocked. They keyword list should help you cover all of the possible bases. Again, in two lists, allow or block—you can identify what words and phrases would be acceptable and which would setup an alarm and be blocked. Access reports from the upper left hand menu at any time. You can choose one user from a dropdown menu or create a report for all the users at once. Once generated, the report can be refined further by time period. You can then print the final list or email it to yourself or another party. All-in-all, this simple program can effectively help keep your kids in a safe and friendly internet environment.