How to Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet
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The Internet is a great resource for kids, but it can also be a mine field of dangers. How do you let them use it without the risks? In this episode David Griffiths looks at KidZui, an online service that provides a closed browsing environment.


How to Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet Hi everybody and welcome to Background Noise. My name is David Griffiths and today we going to be talking about how to keep your kids safe on the internet. Now there’s a few different things that can go wrong with kids on the internet. From his curiosity, another one is accidentally stumbling across something they shouldn’t or the other one is nothing at the find content, that’s relevant to them. Well I'm going to show you product today that addresses both of those. It’s a website called KidZui. Now, I already have KidZui loaded on this on a computer here. This is a Mac however, it will work on a Windows PC and a will also work on anything that uses the Firefox browser and KidZui actually works as a plug in. I’ve used all three of those and they all work the same. My whole web permanently. Now, the good thing about KidZui is that it opens full screen. And full screens really good because it means that its block out all of the other programs that are on. Kids would just focus on one thing and that’s the KidZui screen and nothing else. We are going to start of by looking at what something people like, people like dogs. So we tag in dogs and it comes up with whole load of pages to deal with dogs. It’s also then customized the explorer bar over on the left to contain just links about dogs and pets and animals. So if you’d like animals, you get animals there. If they like space, they get space there, which is great. So we are going to have to look at dogs. See what it comes out with. So you can see here, it actually comes out with some games first. It’s got coloring pages, animal planet, oh there we go, stories, owners guides, fantastic. So it’s comes up with a whole range content and its come up with it a lot easier and you’d be able to with Google. So this is the parents side, this is where you set up how things are going to respond in KidZui for your kids. Here we go, we can see above the kid here and you some tools, we have it to just added very basic things there. I'm a bit concerned about this button up the top that says “create a kit”. I don’t know what that does and I'm scared press it. I'm not going to touch it. Now, might also some reports here at the top. Now these are part of the paid service for KidZui. Why don’t you try downloading it, installing it and then register yourself as a parent then register one of your kids. Give it a go. It’s a really, really good idea. And as I said I use it at home. It’s excellent resource for a kid. Make it safe on the internet. Until next week’s Background Noise, goodbye.