How to Keep Your Dinner Table Bug Free
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Better.TV's Rhiannon Ally talks to Julie Edelman on ways to keep bugs away from your dinner table as well as ways to deal with bug bites.


How to Keep Your Dinner Table Bug Free Rhiannon Ally: Summer is finally here and unfortunately with all the good things that we love about summer like the warm weather and grilling outdoors comes the bad things, those pesky bugs. They are everywhere. Lucky for us the Accidental Housewife, Julie Edelman is coming to the rescue. She’s got great tips to keep those bugs away all summer long. And what we love about it, they are manicure friendly tips. Julie Edelman: Always with CSP because we don’t love those bugs but we got to deal with them, forget the pod. Rhiannon Ally: Yeah, and I love that you have these easy simple solutions. Julie Edelman: Yeah, and they really are. There are things you don’t think about. Bugs are actually very attractive to bright colors, so even the way we want to make our tables look pretty, better off using things like clear plates and black napkins which are also if you use real linens, black is perfect because it doesn’t show dirt. I’m all about— Rhiannon Ally: Yeah, that’s look and also does that also include your clothes, this dress? Julie Edelman: Yes. Rhiannon Ally: It wouldn’t be good for everything. Julie Edelman: It’s not really good although coincidentally or curiously, they don’t like yellow lights. We don’t know exactly why so if you put the CFL lights, they’ll actually keep the bugs away so it’s good to know. Rhiannon Ally: Also maybe camera bright colors — Julie Edelman: It depends or—a light bulb or sort of like that. Alright next, on your tables, if you wipe them down with good old vinegar it will keep flies away. Rhiannon Ally: Really? Julie Edelman: Those pesky little flies or if you also slice some citrus fruits like the lemons, the limes and oranges that too will work. Rhiannon Ally: That can dress up your table also. Julie Edelman: And it does. Rhiannon Ally: It’s super— Julie Edelman: It does so it’s easy decorating on the table which I love. Rhiannon Ally: What about those nasty ants? They are everywhere. Julie Edelman: Ants are everywhere because most people are slobs and mix them out. Alright, so chalk, believe it or not. If you draw a circle around the table, they don’t like it on their little feetsies and their mother is very pleased, they hate bringing the chalk home. But actually, it will annoy them. Another great thing is sea salt. Sprinkle that around because what they do is they lick it and forgive me, if they get so thirsty they drink until they explode. Fireworks, 4th of July or whenever. Rhiannon Ally: That’s kind of mean. They will stick with chalk on that one. Julie Edelman: But the kids love to watch the puppet. Next, mosquitoes. I have this in my back pocket because actually in your laundry room, dryer sheets will actually keep mosquitoes away. Rhiannon Ally: Just keep right in your pocket. Julie Edelman: Yes, and also not for the orderly necessarily but if you just rub it on your skin, that will also help board them away. Now if you do get those bites two things, banana peels will actually help reduce the itch and the sting and toothpaste. Good all toothpaste with baking soda not the gel kind so you can multitask, brush your teeth and get rid of that itch too. Rhiannon Ally: What I love about this one is everyone has this in their cupboard. Julie Edelman: Exactly. Rhiannon Ally: Who doesn’t have toothpaste and dryer sheets? Julie Edelman: Yeah, and you know that’s what I like to do try to use things around the house because it’s easy. You don’t have to think much and also not just environmentally-friendly but cheap. Rhiannon Ally: Yeah, cheap is always good. Julie Edelman: Cheap is good. Rhiannon Ally: Okay, so what about fleas and ticks? Julie Edelman: Well, our poor little doggies, you know and get those little ticks. A great idea to shoo them away is in their dog food, chop up some garlic because actually the ticks don’t like that. The smell that it gives off and it will keep everybody away much like—too which is important. And then if they do get those little ticks, a great way to remove them is to use some olive oil. Just spread it around, and it will help lift that little bugger right out of there. Rhiannon Ally: Wow! These are amazing tips. Julie Edelman: Thank you. Rhiannon Ally: I love these. Julie Edelman: Well, they are easy and that’s again one of all about making it easy, manicure-friendly and spread that love for everybody this summer. Rhiannon Ally: That’s right. Thank you so much Julie, all great tips. Julie Edelman: Thank you.